Happy Holidays Coastal Style!

Some of my readers know that I originally started blogging under the “jvw beach” blog. For many different reasons, I consolidated the beach blog with the “jvw home” blog to incorporate my beach lovin’ decor with the city life decor. I love the coastal life and therefore get my beach fix by selling a coastal mix of merchandise in a small retail spot in a Texas beach town, called Rockport , at THE WAREHOUSE . Our family always looks forward to migrating to the beach after the holidays. Until I can get to the beach, I love to have a few items in my Christmas decor in Austin, that remind me of the coast, such as seashells, sandollars, starfish, sea glass, etc..
I recently found myself scouring my old issues of Coastal Living for Christmas decorating ideas, for a home by the lake. I’ve saved my fave pics below to share ideas with you today:

A decorated tree just for the front porch! I love this idea for a vacation home. What a wonderful way to welcome your guests as they drive up the driveway?! Keep it simple, but arrange the tree with balls that coordinate with your house color & use clear lights . Another great idea here is to place the tree ,with the stand, INTO a large size galvanized tub.
In the picture below, they chose to welcome guests to the back porch, overlooking the water. A simple bowl or urn can hold a small tree, embellished with simple lights and minimal decor.

If your interior has a more modern look, then a simplified tree with clear lights and minimal ornaments is best. The red tulips are a great way to add Christmas color yet keep the look simple & elegant.

I love the colors used in this room, looking out to the water. I personally would change the rug to a different color & type or use the classic seagrass rug! Notice how they keep the tree simple with only a few ornaments & color? I like how they placed a few Christmas presents in the basket too.

A great wreath for a cottage by the sea or the lake! Most fresh Christmas tree vendors sell this style of wreath . Just add a boat rope with a nautical knot, for the maritime look!

Great front entrance. You instantly feel welcomed because they chose to keep the gates open with the wreaths hanging from the inside.

A great idea for a tropical abode or Mediterranean style home…..a bay leaf wreath with a pineapple & hot pink ribbon! Although I think this wreath would also be great on a classic cottage.
(Check out my older posts for more great ideas on PINK Christmas ideas.)

You can’t go wrong with the seaside style wreath embellished with starfish, baby’s breath & pine cones. A classic style, just add your favorite ribbon.

Here’s a great idea for a mantel. Place pots of poinsettias or paperwhites in galvanized buckets and skirt with a burlap style fabric.

Wow, this is a beautiful arrangement. Very simple, yet elegant. Fresh limes, a few tropical flowers and bay leaf garland….how simple and EZ is this?

Closing thoughts about decorating for the holidays:

1) Cherish your memories: Every year, we bring out all our treasured ornaments that hold alot of sentimental value & have stories behind them. We’ve all gathered special memories with ornaments, so I feel like you need that one “family tree” that “tells” your unique family story with ALL those ornaments you’ve collected over the years. Cherish those holiday memories always. Save the “model home/decorated tree” for the porch, poolside or extra room in your house. Just like your home speaks about you, so does your family Christmas tree of memories.

2) Keep it simple: Over the years of Christmas decorating, I’ve learned that less is more. Don’t drag out ALL those boxes of STUFF that you’ve collected forever. You don’t need all that out anymore! Donate your old decorations or overflowing extra stuff to someone in need. With all the chaos of the holidays, keep your holiday decor simple. You’ll find it creates a calming retreat after a hectic day of shopping or extra space for your friends and family at Christmas!

3) By keeping it simple, you can then easily put up the decorations after Christmas, and head to the beach for the rest of the holiday!

Have a great weekend!

p.s. As I type my last line, I look out the window to snowflakes coming down from the sky! How beautiful and rare for Austin, Texas!! We are blessed today!! Yippee!!
LOL, cuz the schools will probably send our kids home early today….unlike my friends in the North where school goes ON with snow daily! I wish I could hear the classroom buzz right now watching our first snowflakes of the season falling….all the kids must be ecstatic….I know this big kid is!!!
They say with the El Nino effect, that our area will potentially see more snow this year. We cherish those days of snow because Austin rarely gets snow.
Gotta go run outside!!!!!!!!

(all images from Coastal Living magazine)

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  1. Thanks so much for your visit to hill country house and for your suggestions for my kitchen! I have a great faux painter here in Fbg. and hope to talk to him this week. If he doesn't have time I may contact you for your sources. Love your blog and decorating ideas!

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