Happy Easter!!

Wishing yall a very Happy Easter weekend!

Also, a reminder that if you want a chance at the “Keep Austin Weird T-Shirt” giveaway, then enter your comment today (or by Easter Sunday evening) on that older post. We’ll pick the winner tomorrow and right now, only one person has left a comment! Therefore, your chances are very incredibly good at winning!
If you read that post, you’ll know that we’re looking for the right lighting in our new master bath addition. One pendant or chandelier to hang over a tub, and a single sconce to flank each side of a large wide mirror, over the vanity. Here’s another sneak peek at the master bath evolving:

The mosaic tiles have been installed around the fireplace and as a border around the tub tiles. The vanity is sitting out in the room at the moment, while the painter is painting the left walls, where it will rest….the double vanity will have the raised white vessel sinks. Here’s the left side view of the tub border (below) with the window seat on the left….we had to notch the tile floor border just a bit, because the vanity will rest evenly on the wood floors. The little detail will probably make much more sense when you see the vanity sitting on that spot!

Here’s a view into the shower area :We’ll enclose the shower with clear frameless glass & all the horizontal wood walls and ceiling will be painted white….and here’s my fave part of the room:
The stone shower floor! From Island Stone, the stones feel soooo good under your feet….like getting a massage when you’re standing! Our friends have a cool weekend cabin in Wimberley, Texas. We first discovered the “feel” of the stones in their walk-in shower. We were sold after feeling that floor! Their floor is more neutral in colors, like Texas stone and also a very cool look. We chose the seafoam colors because we love the colors & it coordinates with our room, but also because the stones remind us of the rocks in the rivers of Montana.
In the “t-shirt giveaway” older post, you know I mentioned that we’d hunt in Round Top , Texas for lighting ideas. We did go to Round Top yesterday and they had loads of great finds, but not the lighting we were hunting for…
However, I had recently looked at another designer’s portfolio and noticed lighting she had used in a bathroom. The designer, Jean Marie McLaughlin of JMac & Kennedy , was very kind to write me this morning and let me know the resource for sconces she used, pictured here:

with this drum shade:

The modern sconce came from the Maura Daniel collection. I think this sconce is a nice updated version to the more traditional type crystal bead sconce. I love their coordinating, modern crystal pendant for over the tub here:

(I can’t download a photo of the shade actually attached to the base!)

I’m really loving the lights on the Maura Daniel site and now thinking we’ll choose one of these. On the Maura Daniel site, you can create your own base and add your own choice of shade. My husband likes the modern choice , but is thinking this look (from same site) is better:

with this mini drum shade:

I know it looks very traditional, but the white drum shade makes it a bit more modern & updated.

But, if we order the more traditional sconce, then we’d order this pendant:
(using the same white drum pendant shade).

The bathroom will be finished around next week or so. I’ll post pics once all lighting is chosen, room is finished and “photo ready”.Would LOVE your comments on the 2 separate light choices in this post….AND if you want that cute T-shirt, in YOUR size, then put your lighting comments also on the older “T-shirt giveaway” post & you’ll have your name entered into the giveway contest! (I’m bending the rules a tad..you do NOT have to mention my giveaway, unless you want, in your blog. JUST make a comment on which lighting you like at the bottom of this post! I realized that I too get alot of bloggers inviting me to try and enter a giveaway. But we ask too many things of readers, just to enter. I read SO many blogs, that even though I’d like a chance at some drawings, I just don’t enter cuz they always ask that you have to also mention their giveaway in your blog. I just don’t have time to always paste/copy/remember everyone else’s contest and the rules, etc…….but it’s EZ to just make a comment when you’re on someone’s blog! So, make a comment & we’ll pick a winner manana!

Enjoy your Easter weekend and I hope the Easter bunny brings you loads of yummy chocolates, beautiful flowers & many blessings,

All the best,

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!!”

  1. Love the drum pendant light you showed last in the series of photos. So pretty.

    I am waiting for the "final reveal" to do a post about the beautiful nursery you created. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures. Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks "Red Door" for the comment! Ok, you're in the drawing, cuz you left a comment,yay!
    I just went to my "nursery" client's house Thursday..and it's almost completely finished….chandy's were hung, new art put in the room , etc…
    but we're waiting on a wall decal "detail" to arrive for the final photos. Will post soon, and show you how beautiful (we think) it turned out!!
    Have a great day,

  3. Jeanette,
    I love the pendant with the crystals the best… but I don't know what you know about where it will be hung. Your vision of the final look is better than mine, but just judging from the lights themselves, that is my fave.
    I'm mentioning the t-shirt giveaway now…. please enter me in your contest, and thanks for doing it!
    Love your blog!

  4. Paige,
    I love that pendant too….I'll let everyone know this wk. which one gets ordered, b/c manana I'm ordering "the one"!
    I only need to order the pendant and NOT the sconces now…we're cleaning out the "barn garage" upstairs and turning into the music studio(Ok, that's another blog post…)…so, now all my leftover design stuff is getting outa there and into a garage sale on April 24th!!
    BUT, while cleaning out I discovered beautiful silver/crystal sconces that used to be in the dining room here! Those are the "winning" bathroom sconces ( i had completely forgotten about them b/c they were hidden) and then we'll just order the lighting above tub…..
    will let yall know at sunset tonite, who's the lucky Austin t-shirt winner!!! woohoo!!!

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