HAPPY EASTER from the Farm

How did Easter sneak up on us so fast?  Didn’t Easter used to always be in April?  I didn’t even get the chance to put out all my Easter decor , and I like having Easter stuff  out awhile, don’t you?

It’s been a hectic year, to say the least, but Easter is a new beginning for me.  I’ve been blessed in the past year with great clients and design work.  But now, I’m venturing into doing a few things I’ll be telling you about soon.  Still design, but in a way, where I can be home more.  I realized when we moved into the farm last September that I never really had the time to get truly moved in.  I’ve never had  clients projects when I redo my own personal homes. When we acquire a new house, I usually take a sabbatical off from work and focus just on my own home to get it remodeled, situated. Anyhoo, so this is why I realized this Spring, that I need to slow down, and get my life & home more in balance.  It’s also a time where  I need to focus on friendships, family, exercise, getting the veggie garden going :),  blogging, and personal projects that I’ve been wanting to do.

I’m excited to share the new “design” work I’m hinting about and hope you’ll stay tuned loves….
until then, have a blessed Easter surrounded with those you love and enjoy the delights of Spring .


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