Happy Bunny & Flower Trails To You….

It’s been a “good Friday”  around the farm today. My husband doesn’t work Fridays and it’s always nice spending the day with him.  We both love working outside in the garden and the yard.  You know we spent the last 2 years working on the inside of this house .  (and yes, I promise to finally start showing pics of the place soon)  But we’re excited to finally concentrate on the great outdoors!     We’ve been at the plant nursery gathering plants, flowers and new veggies for the Spring & Summer garden. 

Although the weather is so incredibly nice right now, we have to think realistically on what plants to buy that will endure the drought & heat of our summers, as well as conserve water.    Lots of decorative succulents, cacti, Knockout Roses, rosemary, sages, & grasses.

 Later in the day my husband worked around the house with Luke getting new gravel pathways going.  Luke is awesome with the tractor!:

Topiary fragrant gardenias were planted with geraniums on the front porch.   Gardenias are great to plant close to a window that allows their scent indoors or by sitting areas like this….love love their sweet scent.


The veggie garden surprised us with new color after the recent rains  with some of the Knockout roses and sage,

dianthus &  snapdragons,

  Really  wishing I would’ve taken pics of all our bluebonnets we’ve had, along with vivid orange snapdragons in our front fields! They’re still there but past their peak or whipped by the rains .   I kept meaning to take the camera out for the bluebonnets and well, life got busy.   

The passion vine has flowered today and it’s truly one of our faves that we’ve planted in alot of our homes.  So easy to grow and just has the coolest flower…very Sputnik don’t you agree?

 We lightly spray painted our funky bench with turquoise spray for the garden by the pool:

 And the mandevilla vine is happy by our guest room patio!
 Our vine growing on the garage was vivid orange last week but the cold snap muted the orange a bit….still pretty though!  The hummingbirds love it each morning..

The veggie garden has been great the past couple of months providing us salad stuff & herbs every week.  I highly recommend that you grow your own organic veggies  & herbs, tastes so great from the garden!

The zoysia grass is just starting to green up and tomorrow we’ll spend some time spreading compost over it & planting more fun stuff.

What will you be doing this weekend?  Any gardening, cooking great Easter dishes or travel? Let me know , always love to hear from my readers too!

Wherever you many roam,  wishing you a blessed Easter remembering the beautiful reason of the holiday, surrounded by those you love and I hope you’ll make some time to enjoy the great outdoors! 

  Gotta luv that Easter bunny hoppin’ down my trail :)…..happy bunny trails to ya!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Bunny & Flower Trails To You….”

  1. The outside of your home is beautiful – I'm jealous of all of the blooms you already have – we've still got a few weeks to go before we start seeing any of those here! Can't wait to see some pics of the inside of your house – especially your kitchen!

  2. thx Kris….inside is such a work of progress..i think i told you i'm just ordering kitchen hardware after how many months of finally getting the kitchen finished? (i couldn't decide on gold, silver, bronze, style, etc!!)…i wish i could get more done quickly on the inside like you do….your transformations have been so fun….LUV your daughter's room.

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