Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

“You say it’s your birthday?….we’re gonna have a good time!!”

Yesterday was my hubby Steven’s birthday. We had alot of fun, celebrating with our friends, while our youngest went to a sleepover. (the older kids have grown and live outside the nest)
(that’s the cute guy in his baby pic above)
Staying at our home with a great fire going, was truly like the times we’d go away somewhere to a B&B, for his birthday. We usually travel to Fredericksburg to their great old German cabins or cottages with romantic fireplaces.
However, being with friends in town, and then relaxing together at home alone, was perfect for us this year. Our mission lately is to simplify our Christmas holidays. Every December we’ve always traveled for his birthday,but this year we chose to “chill”, save money and just stay home. As much as we love to travel, it’s great not to unpack today!
Thanks to my blogger friend LeAnn from Vintage Laundry, I remembered to write this blog today. (her hubby had a birthday yesterday too & she had written a birthday post )

Again, happy birthday to my love…..you still look adorably handsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sweetheart!”

  1. Thanks for your kind comments on hill country house. I love that you come to Fredericksburg to get away, but sometimes we forget to appreciate home, don't we? Sound like it worked great for you and your husband's birthday! Glad it was fun!

  2. We love Fredericksburg. We were married there in the precious old Catholic Chapel & had our reception at the 1865 Homestead. Remember when there used to be the charming Old Mill Settlement? Our whole wedding party/family stayed there..we miss the Old Mill Settlement..too bad it's privately owned now.

  3. Oh happy birthday to your honey. We was a cutie!

    You asked me about my boots the other day. I think I got them at Von Maur…it's a department store here. Sorry I can't be of more help, it was last year:) Hope you have a very Merry Christmas:)

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