In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d write about green. Like the green pillow above, but also about “green” design.

In home design, we think of “green” as living environmentally conscious.
I love new communities that are all about new urbanism & green building.

South Main in Buena Vista, Colorado is one of those beautifully planned green communities. As stated on their website, “South Main is committed to building a neighborhood that is environmentally, economically & socially sustainable, built to be loved for generations.” Click on the photos below to enlarge and see their vision:
The quaint charming neighborhood offers a number of amenities for great outdoor family times such as bicycling,

kayaking, hiking, snow skiing, rock climbing,

fishing, etc, etc.

Alot of homes and businesses have already been built and there’s even a few vacation rentals on the community website.
Here’s an example of a vacation rental interior:

Check out their website and blog HERE for alot more info and more photos.

Speaking of green…..I think you need some new green pillows for the Spring!

You can buy a pair of these HERE.

I’ll post those interior photos of Crystal Creek tomorrow.

Make it a great day,

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