Today I’ve got the blues. The good kind of blues: blue fabrics, blue flowers, blue Swedish furniture & blue waters.

Spring is officially here and I’m loving it.
The snapdragons are coming back, the iris and daffodils are sprouting,
and the Texas bluebonnets are making their grand entrance. Bluebonnets are the official state flower and they line our highways this time of the year.
Over the years we’ve planted lots of Texas wildflower seeds in our gardens, including the bluebonnets. We had a hard freeze this winter and some of the bluebonnets are still trying to come out….but they’re looking prettier everyday:

We’ve learned over the years, not to trim or cut the bluebonnets after the blooms fade. If you let them fall and reseed, then you’ll continue to have more and more blooms every year. This year the seeds even blew over to my boxwood planters and are now growing in this pot!

Bluebonnets always remind me (and my calendar does too) that the famous Round Top/Warrenton/Marburger Antique shows are just around the corner. Round Top, Texas is about an hour and 1/2 drive away for me. We make the trek 2 times each year. The drive there is always pretty with the bluebonnets and other flowers surrounding the highways and farms. The antique shows are held in the Spring and in the Fall. Located in more than a half a dozen small rural Texas towns, all surrounding Round Top, Texas, and located between Houston and Austin. The farms in the area are situated on rolling hills and it’s really pretty. You’ve got to get there early in the day and plan to stay til the evening to cover most of it. Truly just miles and miles of this eye candy:

(love Swedish blue antiques )

I had a booth there one year, but I promise you it’s MUCH more fun to be a shopper. I have to give the vendors credit because there is so much work that goes into the set up and just being out there day after day. Plus our unpredictable Spring weather is always crazy and some years they get loads of rain out there. So far the weather is looking great for their opening weekend.

If you’ve never been to any of the shows , then you’ve got to check it out this Spring or in the Fall. Click HERE for info.

Thinking about a summer getaway with gorgeous blue waters. I’ve got it, Isla Mujeres!

I’m also thinking about some blue fabrics for a future project.
What do you think of Annie Selke’s blue links linen?
We currently have the pink links linen in our store right now HERE. Thinking I’ll order the blue for some pillows and my new project. Do you love it like I do? I love a good classic pattern and blue & white are timeless together.

Hope you’re having a blue sky day,


Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy.” ~ Bertrand Russell (British Philosopher)

Images via: Na Balam Hotel, Casa Zama, Greenhouse Fabrics, jvw home,Time Worn Interiors,Gilded Life, Beadboard UpCountry,Casa Principessa

8 thoughts on “GOOD DAY FOR THE BLUES”

  1. Love that blue fabric… I bought a few yards to cover my dining room chair seats. Anne Selke just puts a grin on my face! Enjoy those bluebonnets!

  2. Hi Diana,
    I agree…I love all the Annie Selke fabrics….the blue will be great for dining chairs.
    Have a great evening & thx for stopping in…,

  3. Love your images in this post! The bluebonnets are beautiful and so lush and full. The fabric is great- love just about anything Annie Selke does! Happy hunting at Marburger- I am only going one day this time, but can't wait, even if just for a day!

  4. Ann I'm hoping we'll go out there this Friday….
    Not sure if I'll go back for Marburger's show or not..but I love that show!

  5. The blues are so pretty! Love Anne Selke! I was checking out the gray in that same pattern…
    Looks like blue skys here today…hoping the same for you!
    Rene' xo
    I'm going to email you soon…

  6. Hi Rene,
    I haven't seen the grey colorway yet. I'd like that one too.
    It's actually a grey sky here today..but it's all good because our flowers and lakes need the rain.
    Hope you're doing well….

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