Have you noticed alot of gold metals lately? Alot of showrooms at the recent High Point Market, had alot of gold elements in their vignettes. Whether in mirrors, lamps, flatware, hardware or curtain rods… is worth alot again.

I started having a gold rush a couple of years back with this lamp, now in my living room:
And this one in my piano room:
This season though I’m beginning to see gold making it’s comeback more and more. There’s gold in interiors, but also fashion accessories such as Austin based Kendra Scott’s line.
Love this Ainsley bracelet from her current collection:
Mom’s are even jumping on the gold rush by adding it into the baby’s nursery:

In kitchens, lighting and hardware is getting the gold touch:

Nails are going glam:

Bags are even getting bling with the Tory Burch clutch:

Recently REVIVAL in Austin, just got this fabulous pendant:

Ralph Lauren recently introduced gold again in his new classic collection called One Fifth:
I’ve been recently considering adding some gold curtain rods into my home office.

What do you think about gold coming back. Are you having a gold rush?


(images via Pinterest, Revival, All Lacquered Up, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, Van Wicklen Design)

2 thoughts on “GOLD RUSH”

  1. I noticed gold and brass in design again. I think I'll just start decorating our house in hunter green before it is in and out:)

    Pretty examples…thanks for the photo inspiration!

    Hope you're doing well.

  2. Hi Rene,

    hey, i bet that hunter groon will make it's comeback soon! i just painted my office a teal green, and in certain light of the day i gasp thinking "oh no, does it look like that 80's hunter green?" hopefully not!
    i used to have a guestroom in that dark hunter green, in the 80's…
    have a great wknd!

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