I told you I’d show you the upstairs to the Highland Homes model home. (if you missed the gorgeous downstairs, then read the previous post)

Although the downstairs had the neutral monochromatic color scheme, the upstairs of the home is decorated in a red/black/linen color scheme. The designers chose the colors because the model home is located in the Lake Travis Independent School District (LTISD). LTISD school colors are red and black, and proud of those school colors. Lake Travis High School has won a State Football Championship the last 4 years , in a row!

Sorry this pic was taken from my IPhone on the first visit:

I like this headboard they created from a heavy gauge black denim with antique brass
nailhead trim:

Media Room (ok, hard to photograph!):

Gameroom/Study Area:
(click on the photo to enlarge…then you can see the nice linen chairs w/nailhead detail)

Click on this photo to see the upholstery cloth tape with nailhead trim detail, of the sofa:

The trim detail gives the sofa the extra touch of “oomph”. Without that detail, it’s very plain .

Other boys room decorated in the LT spirit:

LTISD future cheerleader/girls room:

I know the color scheme is very bold. Something you either really love or don’t. But it does give you great visuals for how a room can have “punch” with a color stripe painted on the walls. Notice they painted a band/stripe of color in the last 2 bedrooms? The horizontal stripe of paint visually makes a room feel larger by carrying your eye around the room.

Remember this room from the Southern Living Idea House 2009?
Again, a room opened up visually with a bold splash of paint. (this room was designed by Tracery Interiors)

Also, I wanted to add something to my last post about decorating a neutral monochromatic color scheme. Candice Olson summed it up recently with a great tip:
“with a monochromatic palette of lighter, soft hues such as grays, whites and silver, use a variety of materials to bring visual and physical comfort to a space. Contrast unexpected, plush textures with smooth, satiny, and reflective elements to create visual interest within a single color palette.”
You can see more of this beautiful bedroom Candice decorated, by clicking HERE.

Next time I post I promise to have the format back to normal. (my pics are all over the place, I know!)
I’ve been experimenting with the “new editor” of Blogger. I love the ease of downloading photos on the “new” editor all at once, but still haven’t mastered the placement of pics onto the blog post. I think I’ll go back to “old editor”. Any other bloggers experience the same problems, or do you love the “new editor” version?

Hope yall have a great weekend…it snowed today in Austin, a rarity around here. Now the sun is shining and it truly is beautiful outdoors. Already warming back up, very typical Austin weather!

Our place in the hills of Austin, with our neighbor’s dog Jack walking around:
From the pool area, looking down to main house and guesthouse:

Luke enjoying a day off from school, on our street: ( a lil birdie told us Jesse James (Sandra Bullock’s ex) recently moved into the teal house on the hill, in the background.)

Stay warm wherever you are!,


p.s. with all pics, you can always click to enlarge…..

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  1. Hi Macarena!,
    The sun is out again today, so by today it will all melt away later. It's always fun to have the snow briefly.
    Have a great wknd and thx for stopping in!

  2. Beautiful rooms! Love the girls polka dots and striped bedskirt!!
    On another note: That is to funny about your new neighbor…maybe you could walk over and his new girl could give you a tat hehe…:) You know me I'm totally joking. I do love Sandra and feel bad about he treated her.

  3. Rene you always make me laugh…never say never, but I'm just not into that kind of pain, so no tat here….haven't met them yet, but can't understand the "tat" on the whole body thing….but everyone's uniquely different!


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