Giving thanks to God for my family, friends, good health & YOU. Thanks for including my blog posts into your world and your friendship.

I love looking at different holiday tablescapes on the design blogs. Each tablescape is so individual & is an expression of the blogger.
I like to make my table formal for the holidays, but with enough casualness to make it comfortable. My table is an eclectic mix of styles: Classical elegance mixed with rustic, and a dash of modern!
This year our table is small cuz we usually have alot of family. Every few years we all spread out to other cities with the other in-laws.
My Mom will be here later today and I’m thrilled. I grew up with 3 brothers & 2 sisters. Since we have a large family, Mom now has 17 grandchildren & 15 great grandchildren! So having her here is a treat, cuz she gets loads of invites. I luck out and usually spend every year with her, wherever she goes.
We usually all meet up for Thanksgiving every few years, as a whole LARGE family and it’s alot of fun. We are amazingly all very close and truly love each other’s company. Last year we all celebrated at the Hill Country Hyatt in San Antonio and it’s a fun place for large families. I’m a native San Antonian, so I’m slightly bias. If you’ve never been to San Antonio for the holidays though, then you should try it. The night after Thanksgiving, they have the annual riverwalk lighting, on the San Antonio river that runs through downtown, and it’s beautiful. Loads of outdoor cafes, great restaurants and bars on the riverwalk !

Mom will be here in a few hours, so I need to hussle….but wanted you to see a lil redo I did in the guestroom . Mom hasn’t seen my guestroom since I “girlied” it up even more. Since Jackie lives out of the house, and I’m surrounded by guys, I needed my “girly” room. The guestroom is the “girly girl” room now. Here it is before it’s lil mini makeover:

I spent a couple of weekends putting the flower graphic stickers on the wall, and I also changed out the chandy covers to coordinate:


I’ll share resources for the above stuff and BETTER pics another day. Have to much to do today….and refuse to go “street rat crazy”….so vamos!

Oh, and back to that tablescape….and PLEASE forgive the awful photography….Steven has my camera at the moment, & I’m wingin’ it with the Iphone.
I couldn’t find where I put my burlap overlay tablecloths, so I improvised with a single burlap feed sack, set on the diagonal on top of a basic white cloth. Gives it that rustic texture:
Bamboo orange placemats mixed with seagrass add texture too. I made the flower arrangement by putting 4 small Pyrex bowls into my antique sugar mold. Place a “wet floral foam” in each cup, then spear your fave botanicals in the sponge. Looks professional, but costs alot less!
I like to mix up the whole table with different silver flatware, napkin holders and varying napkins. The turquoise plates are Vetri and the gold rimmed china is Molly’s from England, another heirloom I truly treasure.

Lil “indian” wheat tucked into the napkin with a tea stained & stamped ribbon:

Mod citrus graphic napkin with “indian” bead tie:
Love the Suzani motif & colors of this napkin:
Have a great Thanksgiving holiday.
Would love to see your table settings too, so send me a pic!


P.S. I never rec’d an RSS feed for my last blog post on “Molly’s Chairs”….did yall?? I test each post , by having it “feed” to my email. Never got one this last time! Wonder if you ever have that prob on your blog or with your “feeds”? It’s happened at least twice to me.

11 thoughts on “GIVING THANKS”

  1. How swweet that you are preparing for your mom….she will love that room!! The tablescape is so pretty too! God Bless you and your family with a wonderful Thanksgiving! You are such a kind friend 🙂 xo

  2. Love your turkey day table!!! My hubby used to live in Austin and loved it. We would love to move there some day.

    Wishing you a most joyous Thanksgiving!


    ps- just tweeted the JFK quote a few minutes ago… love it!

  3. Joan,
    I'm just now starting to read your blog and it's great…..your house is amazing.

    How cool that you're a native San Antonian too! I also lived in the Dallas beehive (love how you describe it, so true)….Steven and I want to visit NH one day, so we just might be calling you! When is the best time to see fall foliage? Sept or Oct?

    Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too,

  4. Jeanette
    Thanks for the etsy link… I would have never thought to look there. We are in Southern Maine part time and the leaves were absolutely beautiful around Columbus Day. October is a great month up here. September is too.. but the leaves don't start turning until the mid to latter part of September.

  5. Diana, I should plan a trip there next Fall….
    my graphics girl Natalie, is from Maine also….and it would be fun to visit both of yall!
    I'll let you know if that thought ever transpires…
    have a great holiday wknd….

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