Hello from across the pond,  Christin here reporting!  I’m writing today while Jeanette is busy gearing up for a move and other design projects.

This Friday quicky is all about the Brits! So to kick off the weekend I thought we would start with one of our favorite boy bands, One Direction ….you (or the closest tween to you) may know of them?!?!  Haven’t heard of them?  Well here’s a video of one of their biggest hits, One Thing. If this doesn’t make you love the Brits maybe some of the fabulous finds below will. 

If my house was a tad bigger (and I didn’t have a toddler running around) I would LOVE to have one of these classic phone booths!  What a FUN and fabulous statement piece! Turns out they are a very hot commodity across the pond as they have just recently completed a HUGE renovation of all of the booths in preparation for the Olympics!  I found a great site (listed below) where you can purchase one of these booths and even customize it as you like it!  If you need something a bit smaller and your looking for a simple, yet unique way to incorporate a bit of British flair try this one of a kind, hand-painted mannequin!

Need a POP of color?  Look no further than the Queen for a rainbow of colorful inspiration! One of my favorite finds are the gorgeous Royal Mail stamp rugs.  They are shown below as a group but are sold separately. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used on the floor (or even better) on a wall as a piece of art! I’m also loving the re-finished dresser.  It’s classic Union Jack with a TWIST! Just looking for a simple (single) bright idea?  Try one of these amazing Karen Hilton pillows.

If you are as inspired as I am to bring a little British invasion to your home well don’t give up!  Just ask my friend Harry from One Direction what a little perseverance and a lot of British charm will do.

(click on the links for more info)
(click on the links for more info)
2) Tea Set (DIY Directions)
5) Union Jack Refurbished Dresser (DIY Directions)

Cherri-O for now!  Enjoy your weekend!




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