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Thanks Erin of the House of Turquoise (HOT) blog, for featuring the Lakeway II Project today!    The Lakeway II Home was the 2nd home I decorated for this family.  The first home was just next door to this one.  We remodeled the first one before they put it on the market.  They had a contract within the first week, and then started building this new home on the vacant lot next door.  Then for this 2nd home, (on the HOT blog), they decided to market it just after living in it, about 6 months!  The Austin market is just so fast and moving, that they couldn’t resist the “flip”.  The savvy owners used to be in the luxury home building biz, so they don’t mind selling when the market is right.  Within just a couple of days, boom, and they got another contract zippety fast!  And ……with a solid back-up contract. 
My clients are now in the process of designing another new home.  We’ve toyed with the idea of another Hill Country Rustic, or a Santa Barbara Mediterranean style.  Will keep you posted on what transpires!  If you haven’t seen this home before on my previous blog posts, then you can read more about it  HERE.

Thanks again Erin for the shout out & to my clients for letting me have fun with your projects!


2 thoughts on “Featured on House of Turquoise Blog Today!”

  1. thx Kris…..
    the wife really didn't want to sell cuz she loves it (well, they both love it, but it was more of a biz thing to go ahead and sell at that time)….but in the end, they're now excited to try another "canvas" . In the works!!

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