The Patterson Project is almost complete! My clients will be moving into their new home today, woo hoo!

For those of you new on the blog, just scroll down through old posts if you’d like to read more about Patterson. We’ve been working on the custom home for over a year now, and it’s so exciting to see it come to fruition. We are still shopping for furnishings and accessories because we’re furnishing the entire house.  We’re also installing new window treatments today, and in the coming weeks. I found some great pieces yesterday that I wanted to share with you,  and we’ll incorporate some of them into the new home. Here’s just a few of the items that were found:

All of the above can be found at ZGallerie. Wish I had time to explain each photo, but I’m off to Patterson for more fun installation work today! Will share more details soon.

Make it a great day!

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