(photos above Gish Photography)

Our island is very large and always the main conversation area. We wanted to be able to have guests sit around the island while someone was preparing food.

We had a local metal fabricator create the island extension out of stainless steel. Our subs mounted the extension onto the island using oil rubbed bronze support brackets. There’s about 4 of the brackets because of the weight. The deep drawers under the stainless pull out enough so that we can still store items in there easily.
Our bar stools used to be taller, but our subs cut them down to fit the counter.
If you have stainless fabricated, just be sure you have a good fabricator that will round the edges or they can be sharp.

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And a big shout out & hugs to Erin at House of Turquoise for sharing my work and giveaway on her blog!

Sharing more house photos later this week…..have a great day!


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