E-Design (Girls Bedroom)

Recently my client Jennifer asked me to do another E-Design, this time for her daughter Kendall’s room. E-Design is great when you just need extra ideas to top off a room, & help with the direction of the room. One of the best perks about E-Design, is that you can shop online for most items!

Here’s where we started with Kendall’s room.
Jennifer had already purchased items from Pottery Barn as our base, and I just needed to add some touches to pull it all together.

The main focal point of the room is the fun Madison quilt they bought, from Pottery Barn Teen.Jennifer had just painted her daughter’s room a great lavender and also painted the iron table a vivid turquoise. She bought a new green velvet tufted headboard, cute “butterfly” chair, and great crystal bubble lamps…but looking into the room it just needs something more.

First of all I suggest to hang the curtains higher, midway between the top of the window and the ceiling. Doing so, will make the room feel taller & draw the eye up. Next I recommend adding a border to the bottom of the existing white curtains with a band of the chevron green fabric. I would also take out the brown wood blinds, and swap out with white ones. The best cost alternative are Lowe’s “cut to fit” blinds. Take your measurements to any Lowe’s and they’ll cut the blinds while you wait. Or have a custom made fabric shade in place of the brown wood blinds.

Here’s the large graphic chevron print I suggest for the extra band of fabric at the bottom of her white curtains. Don’t know how to sew? Just take to your local alterations place and they can easily sew them and it’s alot cheaper than custom. I love to create and sell custom window treatments, but I always like to give a client an economical solution first.
The large graphic print will add another bold punch of color to the room and give it that extra wow factor.

Kendall created a GREAT assortment of colorful graphics by framing scrapbook paper. I suggested moving these over the green headboard, and moving the desk to another wall.
They added a few bubble ring flowers on the wall…..I suggested moving those to the wall where the framed scrapbook papers currently are.
The dresser is a great classic but for visual interest, I suggest painting it a fun turquoise shade. Remove the clutter, then place cute jewelry holders on the dresser for organized storage. Even sweet antique china tea cups would be a great way to store jewelry.

Jennifer has this great mirror she’s considering for the room. I suggest painting it a high gloss Super White from Benjamin Moore. Hang the mirror vertically above the dresser. I’d also paint the base of the shabby chic lamp. Paint the main body Super White, then accent the bands with the alternating colors shown below. Add an updated drum shade and instantly the lamp is made over too! I’d also place the floor lamp over by the green butterfly chair.

A fun way to add extra sitting space in children or teens rooms are floor cushions. I’d love for Kendall to add a couple of them to her room. Love the vivid crochet poufs made by La Casa De Coto. (check out their colorful website)

I’m also lovin’ this pouf for Kendall’s room from Aleta Fae:

Here are the rest of the suggestions all together on a design board…..
Jennifer can easily click on the highlighted areas of each recommendation below, and this will allow them to find the item to purchase online:

1) Chevron Euro Shams in apple green & white for the bedding
2) mauve purple and white lattice rug for the right side of the bed
3) light kit for existing white ceiling fan
4) curtain rods
5) outlet covers
6) knobs for dresser
7) white nightstands to put on each side of the bed
8) Paint color from Benjamin Moore for the dresser ,BM Tropicana Cabana
9) Drum Shade for existing floor lamp
10) Velvet pillow for the center of the bed, monogram with initial(s)
11) jewelry holder , place on top of the dresser
12) owner’s quilt, Madison from PB Teen
13) Accent paint color to paint on bands of existing floor lamp, BM Stem Green
14) Kitty hook for wall, or back of door
15) throw to place on green butterfly chair
16) lamp for desk
17) Chair for desk
18) Another accent color for the bands on the floor lamp, BM Pink Taffy
19) Ring holder for dresser
20) Barn light , hang above the painted white Ikea floor length mirror
21) Chevron fabric for bottom band of curtains
22) pouf, place in front of the green chair…use for extra gf’s hanging out!
23) need more pouf’s for extra gf’s? place these on the right side of the dresser, on the floor. Pull out into room when needed.
24) paint this mirror a high gloss white, hang on the left wall, in between bed and the desk. Hang the barn light above, centered.

And here’s a detailed version for Jennifer & Kendall to reference when their new items arrive. (remember to click each image to enlarge):

I just spotted something else that would be so fun and a great conversation piece for Kendall’s friends! The mini cooler from Pottery Barn Teen…..keeps bottled waters/sodas/snacks handy in your room ….place this on the dresser or the desk and it’s instant fun!

I’m working on upgrading my E-Design packaging more. But until I can master my photo editing program , I hope that Jennifer and Kendall have the direction they’ll need to complete a fun young girl’s room!

If you need design help with your room, send me an email for rates here.

All the best,

6 thoughts on “E-Design (Girls Bedroom)”

  1. Rene,
    just send you a note on your site….you're the best!

    Jennifer, my client, loved the ideas, so I'm thrilled.

    I'm nursing my eyes today, so not much time to type or eye computer, just had LASIK surgery!!

    thx for being a GREAT supportive friend and giving me the "shout out"!!

  2. DIANE,
    if you're following the "comments" I hope you'll respond….I just saw your sweet comments and hit "delete" by accident!!! Pls resend your comments and I'd love to publish them, and then know how to link back to you too…..I just had LASIK surgery today and hit "delete" b/c of my goofy vision today!

  3. Hi I love your ideas for this girls room. I have the Madison Duvet for my daughters room. Do you know what color the 'great lavender paint' on the walls is?


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