Dreamin’ of a white Christmas…..

My husband and I drove through Marble Falls, Texas , Sunday night. While there I just had to “window shop” the charming stores on the old Main Street. The stores were already closed but luckily we were able to view this GREAT display at one of my fave stores: The Mews. Located on Main Street, they have a great space within an old antique building, built “back in the day”, using the quarried granite from their town. (Marble Falls has a HUGE granite quarry)

I love how they incorporated Thanksgiving with the Christmas: white pumpkins, white snow, Christmas balls, mossy topiaries, etc….
And how they hung a mossy Texas oak branch to display the mercury glass ornaments…..

I just HAD to call them awhile ago to put a few things on hold that I saw IN the window! You’ll have to wait and see which ones……….I’m dreaming that I’ll win the brickmaster table from Velvet and Linen‘s contest with Mark Sage of Bobo ; and I’ve got a plan for these items. (IF I win, then those items will just HAVE to come home with me, and be my new display for the “brickmaster” contest!) Positive thinking, right?! I try to live like the “eternal optimist”, so we’ll see what happens…you gotta have faith, right?

Marble Falls is about a 30 minute drive west outside of Austin, home of Lake LBJ.
The Mews is an incredible store that originated in Dallas in 1992, and is a Designer’s “heavenly haven” for antiquities & other beautiful things. The Dallas locale hosts over 25,000 sq. ft, while the Marble Falls locale is just a tiny boutique shop. However, they have alot of inventory at the smaller one and it’s worth the drive from Austin.
I LOVE this cabinet in the background…they have a “clone” of the same cabinet within the store. Would be so great flanking someone’s fireplace , in a kitchen or dining room…many possibilities. The cabinets have a great washed gray paint with a stained brown interior.

I wish they would’ve had a few little lamps on for you to see how beautiful their inventory really is…..
you’ll just have to check out their website or drive over there and see!
They just changed up their display today, because the pumpkins were getting old….so I can’t wait to drive back and see what’s in the window next time.
I’ll keep you posted on those pieces I put on hold….we’ll just have to see IF they will be mates to the new brickmaster table or not! If I don’t win that table, then I just might have to find a lil spot for my pieces elsewhere in my home…….my holiday present to moi! Stay tuned for pics of the pieces later!
Have a great day,

2 thoughts on “Dreamin’ of a white Christmas…..”

  1. Thanks for your visit to hill country house! I have enjoyed several of your posts, but had to comment on this one. I loved the Mews in Dallas and had a space there for a year or so back in 1993. I have not visited the shop in Marble Falls lately but your post has inspired me – thanks! Now I am going back to re – visit the post with that cute black cat!

  2. I LOVE the Mews and they have great inventory there. You'll have to get over there during the holidays…you know a great stop off from Fred. are some of the antique shops in Llano. I really like the Riverside one, just next to the bridge.
    The sweet lil cat you mentioned is our Betsy. She thinks she owns that chair, right?
    I always enjoy your posts too!

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