I’m sooooo thrilled to finally introduce my design assistant, Christin Gish!

She’s actually been helping me for a few months now. If you’ve been following this blog awhile, you know that she’s responsible for some of my latest blog photos and she’s also my niece!  Not only is she beautiful inside and out, she’s also extremely  talented with photography and  an AHmazing writer.  (See way below)

She’s done a little TV work and is a natural in front of the camera, as well as behind the camera. Christin wasn’t schooled in interior design, but if you could see her house, you’d know she’s capable of pulling together a great look.  Trust me, some of the most educated designers don’t have the knack for putting a great look together.  Before I started practicing design, I hired a designer for one of my very first homes(a cajillion yrs ago).  The designer  brought along her “degreed” associate designer.  The associate came up with the most AWFUL design ideas and needless to say, the lead designer fired her that week.

Christin helps me mostly with photographing my work, and doing all my computer stuff on the website/blog.  Other times she might be grabbing fabric samples, collaborating design with me or  meeting vendors.  And thanks to cyber world, most of her work is done from her home in San Antonio!

She’s so fun to work with and without futher adiou, I’d love for you to welcome Christin!

“My name is Christin and I am a wife who is desperately learning to cook for a husband who LOVES to cook; mother to a handsome little toddler named Tommy and 2 yellow labs, Duke & Delta; and middle sister of 3 girls who talk every day, probably 10 times a day. 

I was born in Houston but grew up in San Antonio. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. I like to say I’m Texas born but SOONER bred. In February 2006, I moved back to San Antonio where I met my darling husband Rob just a few weeks later. After four years in the corporate world (and a new addition to our family in 2010) I decided it was time for me to finally scale back from working full time and enjoy some of life’s precious moments with my little man, Tommy.

I have always had a small crush on photography but over the past year it has developed into a love affair.  In my spare time I love to photograph and blog about my little world.  Visit my blog to take a peek!

I’m thrilled to be working alongside someone I love and, more importantly, someone I admire in the design world.  When you step into any home Jeanette has touched you immediately feel a sense of relaxation and beauty.  Only after you kick up your feet and look around do you realize all of the amazing little details that truly make each house a home.  She is beyond talented, incredibly resourceful, wildly creative and at the end of the day just a good ole’ Texas beauty!  If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with Jeanette I would highly encourage you to do so. 

Thanks so much for reading!”



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  1. Welcome Christin!!!!

    You guys are blessed to be working together!!
    I know Jeanette is a wonderful and talented lady and now I'm happy to meet Christin, who sounds amazing as well!!!
    Rene' xo

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