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What IS E-Design?

Interior design of a space or exterior created virtually, entirely online.
E-Design works whether you are in another state or local.
E-Design delivers a rock star design to implement, saving you money by shopping online with 100's of companies we work with (including trade only sites to save you $). You also save dollars because you are in charge of lining up the installers, deliveries of items along with our guidance online.


Is it Right for Me?

If you answer yes to at least one of these below, then yes it is right for you!

1) you're cool shopping online, having furniture and items delivered directly to you and love to save time and money
2) you're overwhelmed trying to put a room design all together
3) you're stuck in a rut on what to do with a room, full house renovation, update an exterior and need someone to give you a design online to present to your contractor
4) you're scared to make paint or wallpaper choices but need a professional to give you the confidence on which one to choose
5) you're cool with sending us measurements and photographs of your own space. Anxiety about measurements?? NO worries. Even a rough sketch is fine and we will walk you through the EZ process. If you have a realtor's link to your home or blueprints, then we also can use those very easily.
6) I like to sit in furniture pieces though and decide which ones I'm comfortable in.....
For instance, if you aren't comfy ordering a sofa online, then we do our best to show you items that can be sourced in your area, so that you can try them out...but E-Design gives you the design plan to take to the store and show them the size/style of what we're proposing your room needs.

Why choose us?

Our team has been doing this a long time and have a quick eye to know what a room sees when we first see a picture of your space. We love what we do, we've decorated and remodeled many homes and have loads of experience! If you follow us on social media or like our portfolios, then we're your girls!

5% of each 3D and 2D pkgs will go to Morris Animal Foundation in loving honor of Scoutie girl, our beloved golden retriever.  Your proceeds greatly benefit further research on canine lymphoma.


Package Selection

Choose from a selection of simple packages that best works for your home design needs

Measurement Guide

After purchasing a package please head HERE to read about taking & sending measurements & pictures


Complete a client questionnaire to gather information for your design project

The Design

Next we will start working to create realistic virtual room designs that fully fit the needs and wants of your space to help create the room(s) of your dreams

Final Concept

After any revisions we will provide you with a comprehensive design package for each room including shopping links to directly purchase all products included within the design


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