Feeling like you’ve seen that coffee table and sofa before? You have! They’re the pieces I just bought! (see my previous post) I just spotted them in the debut issue of TRADhome.
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Sasha Adler and Lauren Gold, a creative design duo from Nate Berkus Design, created the cozy interiors. I love how they used the same coffee table and sofa. Their design is different from what I have envisioned for my same pieces. But it was fun to have just bought those same pieces, and then see it in this fabulous magazine!
I’m in love with the new TRADhome. They’ve got great design articles, amazing rooms & inspiring designers. I also love the interiors here, from the creative trio of designers from Bonesteel Trout Hall :

You’ll have to check out all the other pages of the fabulous

TRADhome magazine HERE.

I really like this magazine alot because it’s easy to navigate. Hope you’ll check it out too.
Let me know what you think!

All the best,


Images via TRADhome.

8 thoughts on “DEJA VU”

  1. I looked at it last night. It was a big magazine…a lot to take in. I will probably have to look at it again.

    Love the items you picked up!!

  2. i know what you mean…it IS a large magazine to read….that's why i really wish it was in a true magazine book…so, i could keep it on the coffee table and read over the course of a few days! alot of us don't have time to read all of that while at the computer….or print all those pages…

  3. Thanks for introducing TradHome to me. I have no idea there's another new online magazine! It's such a great mag filled with lots of wonderful inspirations.

    Also thanks for visiting my blog, leaving a comment and following. I am a new follower of yours, too! Great blog, by the way!


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