Decorating a baby girl’s room….in luscious pink & mocha with a touch of a “silver spoon”!

Yesterday I started on a new client’s project, and I’m so thrilled because we’ll be decorating her first nursery! Some of you know that I took off some time from decorating professionally, for different reasons: First my own personal house renovation, then designing a website with my wonderful graphic designer, Natalie from Modern Sugar (LOL…Natalie has the sweet patience of a saint with all my changes!) , then running an online store and an antique booth down at the beach. Wheww…..
Now, that life is more organized, I’m just now taking on new clients again. Yay!
I’m still working on more personal home additions (and will keep you always posted with the transformations) but also back to helping others with their homes, and excited for the new year!

Starting out this new year, is my story about my new precious client. She is a young , first mom-to-be . She and her sweet hub had the ultrasound weeks ago and only the Doctor knew if she was having a boy or girl. The couple had asked the Doctor to put the information sealed in an envelope. They agreed to open the envelope along with all their families, on Christmas morning, to discover if they were having a boy or girl! What a cute way to celebrate Christmas?! What a gift?! My client had already decided on her room schemes: blue , mocha & pale gray for a boy; pink , mocha & pale gray for the girl.
Now we’re in our pink direction and their sweet baby girl will be born in April!
I love to decorate any new “canvas”, but baby nurseries or children’s rooms are always so fun!
We are now transforming their guest room into a serene pink nursery.
My client wanted to eye more fabrics before we went to order the crib bedding yesterday.
Here’s our palette we started out with, before we hit the stores:

The above is the drawing, (from Amy of baby coco), of my client’s crib bedding, that will be ordered in the above fabrics from baby coco.
We gathered more fabrics , to consider, for part of the rest of the decor. Here are some other considerations:
(The pic looks more yellow because of the evening lighting on the table. )
…..yes, some fabrics have almost a “tea stained cream look” and others are more “crisp”….we will design something creatively to use a mix of them. I always like to gather many choices of fabrics first, then we edit/delete. Tomorrow I’ll hunt for a few more fabric choices in my own fabric library, as well as a couple of other fabric vendors. We need some light gray fabrics for the accent, as well as unique trims & buttons. I want to hunt for a great lace trim to add as an accent to pillows & possibly the window treatments. We’ll be designing bedding for the twin bed and the crib. We also will be choosing fabrics for window treatments on two windows, as well as a set of Dupioni silk panels flanking the doorway that divides the two room areas.
Probably hard for you to get a good visual by looking at just the fabric layout, but in person, the colors & fabrics are luscious silk. Yes, I know , silk in the nursery! However, my client wants a serene, soft & luxurious nursery with silks. (and plans to have a back up crib set, when this one needs cleaning!)
Here’s a cute chandelier I found today from 2 Little Monkeys, that I sent to my client:
….we’re also eyeing different chandeliers for the nursery. Possibly sconces and also lamps.
The room will be an oversized nursery because it used to be 2 separate rooms, but now is one open room. Therefore, we’ll be adding an adorable four poster bed, which she just purchased on our hunts yesterday. The twin bed will be on one side of the room, while the new crib will be on the other side of the room with the new upholstered rocker she ordered.
Now, remember for novelty, we’re adding gray as an accent within the room.
My client is considering using this rug from Anthropologie, which I love! We may use this one in one area, say in front of the crib and a rectangular different one by the twin bed. My clients have hardwood floors for the base flooring.

Our last stop yesterday, was to baby coco in Austin. (the cute lil mama is pictured below)
baby coco is located within an enclave of precious old cottages , probably dating back to the 1800’s . The staff at baby coco were all very sweet & helpful and the store is a very comfortable place for relaxing and figuring out your baby nursery decor, or finding great baby gifts.

baby coco has several charming rooms with baby & children’s vignettes such as this:

Sorry for the poor photography on the photo below… they had these cute renderings of little girl dresses , they are precious! Wish I would’ve taken a close-up of them, because they’re very nice and have great colors.
sweet jeweled frames….great for a lil lady at any age!

Cool ,oversized dog painting by local Austin artist:

Also love this white ceramic bird lamp, above, on the bright orange garden seat.
baby coco had euro modern furniture in this room. Notice all the birds on the lamp? They would also look great in a kitchen, living room , sun room, teen girls room, etc (not just a baby’s room)…

I also liked the cream wire baskets they sell (above) . These are great for any room! They work well when grouped in odd numbers, hanging on a wall vertically in a row or as a collage. Place items within them, such as toiletries, baby items,etc.. I love to see them under open bathroom vanities with white towels rolled within them.
Cute white ceramic garden seat above also.

My client had purchased her adorable crib at baby coco before Christmas. She has selected the Celine crib from the Newport Cottage collection:
The Celine crib has pretty cane detailing on the panels of the ends of the crib. A matching armoire with crystal knobs, is very sweet too:

Here’s a pic of the new twin four poster bed she bought, in the showroom of baby coco. Love it! Four poster beds, especially of this beautiful quality are just classic . She will be able to pass this bed on, for generations. She also ordered the Buckingham glider shown below:However, you can order the glider in various fabrics. We have chosen the Innocence Blush toile shown here:
We’ll pipe the chair in brown linen piping.
Gliders today are so sumptuous and comfy.

I’ll keep you posted on how her nursery transforms. I think you’ll love the sweet makeover and hope you’ll stay tuned!
Sweet dreams……

(some photos/drawings courtesy of baby coco, 2 little monkeys and posh tots)

3 thoughts on “Decorating a baby girl’s room….in luscious pink & mocha with a touch of a “silver spoon”!”

  1. Wow – what wonderful photos! You clearly have a passion for decorating and it must be fun to do a girl's room. My three teens are all boys so I have to get my pink fix somewhere else 🙂 I found your blog through BlogFrog and wanted to stop by and say hello and congrats on your Premium membership! If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!

    Holly (BlogFrog)

  2. Hi Jeanette, So fun! What a great project to be working on. Just love the picture of the dog. It is perfect for a childs room. Thanks again for stopping by my blog and for all of the nice comments.

    Cheers and have a great week ~*~kelley

  3. Thanks Holly and Kelley for the sweet posts….it is alot of fun to do baby rooms!
    I just found some more great fabrics today too, so I"m excited to show my client! I'll post more about it later…
    I love that dog painting too! If it were a boys room, I'd be pushing her for that one!
    All the best,

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