Crystal Creek Cottages Part 2

Today is part 2 of the Crystal Creek Cottages (our home), recently photographed by the very talented Paul Finkel of Piston Design Photography. I told you I’d show you his interior photos of our houses. Here’s a few Paul sent me recently of our home.

So come on inside!

Remember our main house was originally built in the 1800’s? Here you can truly see the thickness of the walls, where we cut out a niche for our Virgin Mary.
(remember you can always click each photo to enlarge. Sorry if I tell you that every time, but never know if I have a new reader that doesn’t know you can enlarge photos. Does anyone know HOW to post pics already enlarged?? Similar to Cote de Texas photos? I would love to know…)
The double sided fireplace separates the living room from the library/sitting room above.Steven’s office:

Master bedroom :

Master bathroom with my fave, the fireplace that turns on with a switch!:Family room with burlap backed cabinetry:
Main house guestroom:Kitchen:

Another house fave of mine is the pantry with baking center , warming oven, and 2nd refrigerator.
The glass front 2nd refrigerator is a commercial fridge from Frigidaire (love this).
The Fridgidaire has been great and we would highly recommend this one. Has out performed any 2nd fridge we’ve had in other homes, and it costs alot LESS than fancier versions. Here’s the link to the Fridgidaire HERE.

Here’s another angle of the kitchen photographed from Katie Clementson back in the Fall.

Notice at the top left, is the Kenmore Elite Commercial refrigerator and freezer we use as our main unit. We’ve been VERY happy with their performance and quality too. Again, a better price point than alot of the higher end commercial lines. You can also find the set at Sears, just like the Fridgidaire glass front one.
I couldn’t find the link to the refrigerator side. However, I did find the link to the freezer side HERE. When you click on the link, you can also see the interior features of both the freezer and the refrigerator.
We bought the refrigerator and the freezer and installed them side by side.
We love the extra industrial size and look. Definitely the conversation piece of the kitchen, along with the pot filler!

(photo by Katie Clementson also)

Luke’s room:
Oh, remember I told you I’d post pics about Luke’s updated bath? Paul only sent this one, but next post I’ll show you the rest of his bathroom.
Going outside to the guesthouse. My design studio is on the first floor:
Upstairs is the guesthouse guestroom:Guesthouse bathroom with industrial style Ikea closet

Spring Break is almost over. We stayed in town for the SXSW Festival , which was really amazing. If you haven’t been , you need to experience one year. Typically held each year during our Spring Break, so we’re usually out of town. Last time we went was years ago and it’s grown so much. The festival celebrates the film industry the first part of the week, then music the latter part of the week. Musicians from ALL over the world come into town and the venues are all up and down the downtown streets. Well known bands as well as new and rising bands all co-exist for the event, and the eclectic variety up and down the streets , and in the venues, hosts something for everyone. Really fun to sit back and just watch all the different people walking the blocked off downtown streets. You see a beautiful and yes, very eclectic, diverse group of people…but that is what’s so beautiful.

Tiger and his band played 3 venues, so we were thrilled.

Today, we’re headed out to the lake! Before I go, thought I’d remind you that we still have some really cute pillows in the store. Here’s one I’m featuring today:
“Mod Rosie” is a beautiful weight linen with a graphic punch of roses.
Check out the pillow store HERE.
After Spring Break, I’ll post new pillows and yes, those dog beds are coming soon too.

Make it a fab day, and remember to give someone a hug,

( photos courtesy of Paul Finkel, Katie Clementson, and Lauren Lesley Photography)

6 thoughts on “Crystal Creek Cottages Part 2”

  1. Thx Kelley!
    I'll have to shoot you an email next wk…..
    we've got to get out to Ojai….I'm excited not only about your house redo but also the Giannetti's house fun, you'll be neighbors!
    Ojai is blessed with yall's amazing talent!

  2. Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from my keyboard.. You home is absolutely breathtaking! Not that I didn't expect it, from the pictures you have posted previously. I love the way you use colors, talk about perfect color flow! I'm so jealous!! Must be nice to come home to a home like that every night =D

    xo Linda

  3. Linda you're so sweet….we do love the ole place & we've nurtured it like a baby..there's more changes around the corner….I'll keep you posted soon….
    hope you're doing well….i'll hop over to your blog right now…it's been busy and i'm just now catching up to reading all my fave blogs…

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