Crocodile Walls & Barn Slider Doors

In my Yahoo mail today I had two newsletters relating to each other that I wanted to share. The first one was from Zita Raymond, a faux artist I use for projects in Austin. Actually Zita’s crew flew with me to Mississippi when we worked on a southern historical home. They will travel all over and have done all size jobs. Zita has many years of experience and has an incredibly talented team.

Zita recently created the walls above in a crocodile texture for a downtown project. I wanted you to notice the walls because they are beautiful! (click or double click on the image to enlarge the photo).
Wouldn’t they be great in a man’s study, a master bedroom or a boys’s room?

I thought you’d love to see how Zita adds a detail to any ceiling with Anaglypta papers also . They give you the look of old metal ceilings and can be painted in any color you like. A great way to add warmth to your dining room and they’re also great in powder bath ceilings:
In the first image above, notice one of my fave details to include in design: the sliding barn door. Notice the hardware is on a stainless steel track.

The other email newsletter in my box today was from the Interior Design Society, and they were advertising an October special for the sliding track hardware from Barn Door Hardware.
Stainless steel sets , in October, are running as low as $ 795. If you’ve ever priced the hardware, it can get pricey. If you’ve been thinking about a barn door project, then now’s the time to grab this great deal!

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3 thoughts on “Crocodile Walls & Barn Slider Doors”

  1. Hi Jeanette! Did you make the little acorn cookies? They are so easy and fun!! Also…cool wall treatment in the photo! I'd love to do a barn door one of these days…. I know the perfect spot!
    Hope you had a good weekend!
    xo R

  2. Hi… just dropping by to say hi!!.
    I can't believe how cold it is in Ohio! I wore a wool winter coat today without even getting a hot flash!!:)

  3. Rene,
    You're too funny….
    it finally got cold here tonight! love it..
    I think we need to make a batch of all those great pumpkin recipes….all is good here and it's great to hear from you!!

    stay warm!

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