“Contractor’s Exposed!”

There should be a reality show called “CONtractors Exposed!”….don’t you think? We just got a bill from one of our subs on our remodel,yesterday. (haven’t even finished the work, barely did anything, the work was verrry slow, and let’s

just say the bill is in “outer space”…..I’ve done alot of remodels/builds and dealt with alot of subs, but this one tops the charts. We had thought we’d try out a new person for this one job because another sub on the job had recommended him. We should’ve never have left our original sub for this new company!

The bill has nothing to do with our barn doors or this picture, but it’s the only decent photo I have to share today about our remodel. Just another sneak peak into our project.

Have you ever been CONned? What was your story?

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  1. that show is a great idea and they would have an endless amount of material to keep it running for years! we just finished our empty nest remodel and while we did have a contract we had a contractor who was not particularly bright and, come to find out, we were the largest job he had done. Even though we did our due diligence and he checked out, people these days are hesitant to place a bad review on line in fear of being sued but it would so help out other people. Or, as ours did, they post yelp reviews written by their friends, wife etc. At least ours is done and we are pleased and we came in exactly on budget ( I pride myself on always coming in on budget and no change orders) but it did take an additional 60 days for him to finish. Oy! Good luck and hang in there

  2. Kris, Diane and Anne,
    Thanks for the sweet support….you'd think I'd learn after all this time, but ya we should've asked for the "bottom line" estimate before starting….i've never had a sub for this particular line of work ,charge SO much for their rates…I hated not using the last guy we used b/c he had a team that would come out and knock out work fast…this company had one guy doing all the work and he was sllllooooww….I kept asking me husband to ck bc i was concerned they would charge hourly….and the guy was very nice, but liked to talk alot (so it's unfair that we're being charged this way)….needless to say, my husband is disputing some of it and having a well known General Contractor we know eye the bill …..just not right! (and it was very frustrating that the work took so long b/c our other subs would've knocked it out in 1/2 that time and charged less!!) But we thought we'd try them out cuz they're more "local" to our neighborhood…..lesson here for all design readers:
    1) get estimates IN WRITING
    2) found out ahead how many individuals will be on the job
    3)never stray from the good ole guys you've always used if they were fair and good!

    and yes Anne, someone could make this "show" happen, i'm tellin' ya! happens in every city, everyday!


  3. I feel your pain! I've experienced the same thing before (and with a contractor that I had used several times previously!) and I need to learn to ALWAYS get a written bid – no matter how small the job and even if it's a contractor I've worked with before. It's a shame that it has to be that way but sadly there are too many dishonest people out there…

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