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I missed yall today and wondered why my last 2 posts weren’t getting emailed to subscribers. My Feedblitz techie told me my prob and I think I resolved it.

This is a testing post, but also a way to let yall know that I have 2 posts you might have missed. So scroll down & look for the lil box on the right , says “click here to read our older posts” & check them out.

Hopefully my next post will get published right and this glitch won’t happen again.

Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “COME ON IN!”

  1. Isn't that a GREAT treehouse? The treehouse is located at the "1865 Homestead" in Fredericksburg, Texas. It's just as charming as the entire B & B compound…I think I wrote about the "1865" in older posts. My husband and I had our wedding reception there….Luke, my son, loved going for a visit there!

  2. Kelley, one of those treehouses would be amazing in Ojai! It's tall enough for you and your hubby to go up there and have a glass of vino!

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