Christin in the News, Sensory Processing Disorder & Dispraxia Awareness

Our team member , the lovely Christin was featured today as one of the newest contributors to one of San Antonio’s most happenin’ parenting blogs called  Alamo City Mom’s Blog.   You can read all about this awesome  San Antonio blog and see her fun short interview by clicking HERE.
If you’ve been following our blog you know she also guest posts on occasion here AND she also writes & photographs the sweetest family blog post called Growing Up Gish .
Here’s a few precious pictures from her recent blog posts featuring her model adorbs children Claire and Tommy:

Truly an angelic  Gerber baby, don’t you agree?!

..and the handsome Tommy, full of light and love.
But today’s post is also about sharing what Christin has been doing this summer and why you haven’t heard from her in awhile.
Recently Christin and her husband Rob realized their son  Tommy was having eating & sensory issues.     Long story later, they discovered Tommy has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) along with a subset of SPD called Dispraxia.
I found it so hard to know how to even start  explaining what SPD is or how to put it into words.  Christin, being the amazing writer she is, has done it beautifully. 
Here’s an excerpt from her blog:
 “I’ve written this story in my head a thousand times. I’ve thought about how I could possibly even begin to explain such a long, bizarre situation to anyone that would care to read it. I’ve told the full story only a handful of times because it’s quite frankly exhausting to explain. I’m either met with one of two scenarios: a deer in the headlights look and a quick change of subject, or a quick interruption and comment such as…”Tommy looks like such a big, healthy boy! Give it some time, he’ll grow out of it.” It became too much for me to handle at times so Rob and I just continued to power through this with the support of our family and moved forward with our search for answers for our son. Throughout the years I’ve written dozens of emails to his pediatrician begging for reassurance to my constant pleas for help. “Something is wrong with Tommy…He’s not eating…He’s not eating…He’s not sleeping…I feel like he’s sick all the time…I think something is wrong with Tommy.” Every single time I was met with the same response, “He’s growing proportionally. He’ll grow out of it. Your giving him too much milk, reduce it to one cup a day. Have you tried eliminating food all together? He’ll eat when he’s hungry.” Same song, different verse every single time.”
So, fast forward,  she’s been in Colorado on and off all summer working with an amazing center called the STAR CENTER  that works with children regarding SPD.  Christin and Rob have been so blessed with finding this center and Tommy has been making wonderful progress.  I asked Christin if it was ok to share all this personal info with my readers and she wanted to because she wants to bring more awareness of SPD to others.
If you would like to read her story about what SPD & Dispraxia  is, the facility  in Colorado for SPD, etc., then please read her blog. She’s written a few blog posts about the whole process and how  they’ve done amazing work.  And when you read her blog posts, you’ll learn , like I did, that precious Tommy is a huge Ina Garten fan, how cute is that?!

Keep Christin , Tommy, Rob and their family in your prayers as they continue their journey.  They’re back in San Antonio for awhile and then will return to Colorado and the STAR Center next month.
Even though it’s a tough situation, they know they’re so very blessed to have this journey and I hope we can all touch someone’s life today with their story.
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