On a recent visit to a model home by Grand Haven Homes on Lake Travis, I spotted cute chalkboard paint ideas.

Voila! Blog post idea!

I instantly started a hunt for fun chalkboard things to share with yall. I’m sure if I had nothing better to do, I could come up with umpteen ideas and links, cuz you know I LOVE the hunt, but hey, time is precious.

The decorator of the Model Home used chalkboard paint & decorated each glass with a person’s name. I think this would be a really cute idea at any dinner party. CHALK INK, sold at any craft store, is the best way to label any chalk crafts:
CHALK INK looks like regular chalk but doesn’t smear and you can wipe it off with a wet wipe. Plus it has a finer point making writing easier.
Chalkboard paint comes in regular paint cans or you can buy the EZ spray kind HERE.

If you really look around, there are many ways you can turn something ordinary into something useful and fun with chalkboard paint. Great ideas from Isabella and Max blog:
Click HERE for the DIY on both boards:

I actually own the same tray above that they updated on HGTV with chalkboard paint, & thinking I’ll modernize my own tray and turn it into a chalkboard.
For the “how to” on this tray and pot, click HERE.

ROCKY BELLA took a wooden wall rack and added a dash of paint for a fun saying of the day:
Makeover a silver tray like this:

Into something different like this:For the Shabby Nest tutorial, click HERE.

Paint an entire wall in your office with chalkboard paint & create a calendar on the wall:

You can also just paint a door panel in chalkboard paint. Here’s my office door below & I had guests sign it for a Graduation party:
How about even painting lamps? Love these from ISABELLA AND MAX:
You can see the DIY tutorial of the chalkboard lamps HERE.

Not crafty or prefer to go shopping? Check out these fun chalkboard items from Etsy:

Houndstooth Designs chalkboard horses come in a variety of styles, with 2 pieces of chalk. Aren’t they too cute? Instead of using a generic chalkboard for your kitchen messages, why not a horse, of course?:

Twice As Nice makes adorable silhouette chalkboards:
How about creating chalkboard art on canvas?
I will always love chandy’s and I’m lovin’ this chandelier art created by Just Live Simply. Check out her blog and tutorial HERE:
The vignette above reminds me of what I saw today at World Market They have their new Spring line hitting the aisles. The Blanc Noir Collection is a crisp clean look that coordinates beautifully with the mantel above: Notice the very cool Suzani rug under the table? I couldn’t find it anywhere on the WM website in that colorway, but I’ve been to 2 World Market stores today and they both have them. The rug is predominantly black with a white and olive green Suzani motif. Beautiful in person!
Know what else would be FAB with this look? A pillow from JVW HOME!
You can purchase this beautiful pillow by clicking HERE.

I’ll be adding more pillows soon and yes…

designer dog beds coming soon. Promise to keep yall posted!
Thanks again to all the new subscribers this week.

You rock my heart

and I appreciate you!!!

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Images via:
Benjamin Moore, Rocky Bella, Poofy Cheeks, This Blessed Nest, Houndstooth Design, , Country Living, Shabby Nest, Just Live Simply, HGTV, Isabella & Max, Designology

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