I’m doing my research today for my son’s new room scheme. I’ve been on the hunt gathering ideas and pictures from other designers that inspire me.
I know, it was just yesterday we completed my son’s room and now we’re moving again.

Wanted to share some of my fave boy spaces from a very inspiring L.A. designer, Kristen Panich.
Although I’ll be creating a room for a “tween”, I wanted to share boys’ rooms she’s created for all ages:

Notice the Thomas O’Brien lighting over the trophy shelves:

The Pro basketball player wall sticker is great, along with the painted red floors & accent doors:Cozy beds with great reading lamps:
A Decorator’s most challenging client is truly themselves.
The next few weeks will be busy figuring out the right paint colors for our new house and the direction of each room.

I like to gather and print ideas on a bulletin board or keep in a file, for each room. After a few days of researching, gathering fabric & paint swatches and plenty of pictures , the “look” evolves and the canvas begins to unfold.
I look forward to sharing the new house ideas soon.

Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend,


8 thoughts on “BOYS, BOYS, BOYS”

  1. My youngest son would have loved the first photo/bedroom. He loved dark colors and English Premier League soccer. Just add a few Man. U. accessories and he'd have been in heaven…

  2. Hi Jane,
    I LOVE the English room…it's my fave. I'm trying to incorporate the "Ralph Lauren meets Union Jack" look into his room. Of course my son has to collaborate , but I'm hoping he'll like the direction.
    Hope you're having a great Sunday…

  3. No boys over here….but all the inspiration photos are great. What boy wouldn't love them? The basketball player room is amazing!!

  4. Hey Ashlyn!
    Yes, love the bball player sticker!
    I was really wanting to get one of those , cuz my son would love it…but realized I have a ceiling fan on the ceiling that would interfere…
    just might have to buy a wall mount ceiling fan!
    thanks for stopping in…

  5. I Love built-in's so I seem to be drawn to the last two:) I guess you could do a combo with a regular bed and a built in window seat/ bed too 🙂 They are all fun spaces. I love his old room, so I'm sure whatever you do will be fab!

  6. Thx Rene…I love his "old" room too! He'll miss that space ….his next room is a bit smaller, but it has a media room connected…so it will feel like a suite, just doesn't have a huge expanse around the bed area. I'm still trying to figure out my paint colors & his room!

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