“Blushing Beauty” New Room Design

Recently we created a new design board for a client in San Antonio.  Our client wanted to update her daughter’s  room from a baby’s room to a “big” girls’ room. Her daughter was outgrowing the crib and needed a new bed fast.    The Mom  wanted a fun mix of modern elements , and her daughter requested a touch of elephants in the room. 
I decided on creating a room that was a bit modern, yet glam with touches of gold , whimsical with elephant fun & classic with soft pinks and whites.
Christin and I worked on two design boards , the first one is shown above.   We created both boards using a  great wallpaper from Hygge & West called “Oh Joy’s Petal Pusher ” in a metallic gold. The wallpaper is a very bold pattern, and therefore our plan is to use it only on one accent wall and then paint all the other walls a solid calm color.
Here’s the visual on a larger swatch:

And here’s the 2nd design board we created using different elements but again with the same paper as the focal wall:

Our client wanted to keep the room trim and existing plantation shutters painted in Pittsburgh paints Stony Creek. 

So today I’m working on which wall color is best for the other walls (just one wall gets the wallpaper) .  The color has to look right with  the Stony Creek trim.
 Our wall paint choices to present are :
Benjamin Moore Decorators White:

 Benjamin Moore Pink Cadillac:
( a pale quintessential pink)

Benjamin Moore’s Love & Happiness:
(a soft pink with undertones of beige & coral)

Or another option is to use the palest of blues to compliment the turquoise accents in the room:
Benjamin Moore’s Sweet Dreams

I always recommend  clients to have their painter paint several swatches on a wall , approx 24″ x 24″ in a room.  Paint the swatches on different areas within the room to test out the lighting.  All paints take on different values in a room depending on how much light is in the room as well as what colors are in the room.  Believe me, it’s worth every penny to try samples first.  Use any leftover paint on another project or donate to a local charity.

Do you have a favorite choice for the girls room?  Let me know, would love your thoughts!


 Do you need design help?  With summer approaching, we’re only taking a limited amount of new projects, but  we’re always doing E-Design.  If you’d like a consultation in the Austin/San Antonio area, please contact us and let’s discuss the scale of your project .  We’d love to help you if we can.
If you’d like to purchase any of these items shown above, they’re all available through Van Wicklen Design/JVW Home.   Click  HERE  to contact us.

4 thoughts on ““Blushing Beauty” New Room Design”

  1. Love, love, love both designs! I actually tried to get my youngest daughter to let me use that wallpaper when we redo her room but it was a no-go for her so I'll have to live vicariously through your project! Looking forward to seeing the finished room!

  2. Hi Kris…the client hasn't "signed off" on that wallpaper yet….but i'm with you, i love it!
    Maybe you could use it in a bathroom or laundry room?

  3. I love both inspiration boards, but I'm leaning towards the first. Love that you threw lots of gold in there, and the wallpaper is gorgeous! As for color, I'd go with the decorators white, I just love the pink and gold against the light backdrop =) Any chance your client would share the final result? I'd absolutely love to see it!!

    xox Linda

  4. Hi Linda,
    I'm with you, I love the white paint too.
    Will definitely let you know if my client implements the plan & post after pics!
    Hope you're doing great….I've got to catch up on your blog posts…I need to resubscribe with Yahoo b/c I think all your posts are just on my blogger account, and I forget to read those blogs. I'll go ck it out now and change b/c I miss your posts!

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