You know you’ve gone “blogger crazy” when you’re in the bathroom of a restaurant and you’re shooting photos of the bathroom decor.The restroom is located within the Uptown Blanco restaurant complex. The complex was originally built in the 1900’s on the town square of Blanco, Texas and is currently being revamped into a multi-use center.

Here’s the front facade back in the 1900’s, the new restaurant is located within the tallest building:

The complex used to be part of the original theater , where they would show silent movies. In 1938 the theater was converted to a conventional silver screen theater complete with a marquee.
Inside the revitalized complex, you’ll find the new restaurant, theater, bar, textile studio and beautiful courtyards for private parties. Blanco is located in the beautiful Texas hill country, about a 45 minute drive from San Antonio or Austin. Originally built on the banks of the Blanco River, it was named “Blanco” because of the white limestone riverbed bottom. Blanco means white in Spanish.

The food within the Uptown Blanco grill is delicious and upscale. Recently they hired a fabulous chef named Nathan and he’s creating unique dishes. However, one of the best dishes they make is the good ole chicken fried steak.

The restroom though truly caught my attention because of it’s fun, classic black and white decor.
(remember it’s always best to click on photos to enlarge each one…you’ll see better detail)

Once you look up, you’ll love the details:They mounted movie reels as a border all around the trim of the ceiling with a mirror background. I wanted you to see these, because I think someone could make a very cool residential media room with this detail!

Check out the lighting above the stalls:

Great industrial lights that would be great again , in a media room. If your media room has a bathroom off to the side, then white not use tile with this retro black and white classic look?
Above the bathroom stalls, they decorated with this iron work and lighting behind it:
Recently the cast and crew from TRUE GRIT hung out at the Uptown Blanco and I’m sure they loved the bathrooms. ( the mens room is decorated the same)
TRUE GRIT was filmed across the street at the old Blanco Courthouse:

Ok, if you decide to decorate in this black and white scheme, remember I’ve got some great pillows in my store:

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Have a great weekend….

Images via jvw home, Historic Blanco, Blanco Texas

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