Basket Case!!

One of my fave blogs, Velvet & Linen, posted a brilliant basket idea today. Written by the talented designer Brooke Giannetti, Velvet & Linen gives me inspiration each week.

Notice the great antique stacking baskets by her home office desk?

Now, take a closer look and see what’s hidden inside, her printer!…..

Brilliant idea, created by her very talented husband Steve. Together, Brooke and Steve are a dynamic duo….she’s the very talented designer, and store owner of Giannetti Home & he’s the very talented architect of Giannetti Architects .

I’m in love with everything they’ve created in architecture & interior design.

Here’s a pic of a poolhouse that Brooke staged for a home designed by Steve, called the Cliffwood House.
One day I have dreams of recreating this style of poolhouse up by our pool! Isn’t it wonderful?? In the backdrop is the beautiful cabinet that Brooke now uses in her home office. Cliffwood House has given me loads of inspiration and I encourage you to take the time and view EACH wonderful image they have for this BEAUTIFUL house .
As you can see in my home office, I have a few clippings from the Cliffwood House for inspiration. We’re remodeling our 1800’s farmhouse and I have some ideas from Cliffwood posted on my “project” door , in my home office, for inspiration.
Speaking of my home office & while we’re on baskets………here’s my version of trying to conceal the ugly printer and using baskets.
My printer , although visible, is hidden in this little alcove. Each shelf can be pulled out when using them.
On the right side of my office, I conceal alot of stuff in the white drawer baskets & file cabinets are all in the bottom baskets.

Above my desk, I keep a few things I love, such as ceramic plates created by my children , along with my cherished , whimsical painting . The painting was created by a very talented artist in Lexington, Mississippi…….I adore her fun style. Cleta works in my brother-in-law’s law office there, but paints on the side…..I hope to feature more of her work/bio later.
My office is on the original back porch of this old 1800’s farmhouse. Notice the old porch railing, old window, etc??

From the office, you step down into our family/utility room which was added onto the farmhouse. Everything to the right is the old house….the little window on the above right is original and still a part of the powder bath.

Our laundry/family room. Hidden wall ironing board is on the back right wall. You can see our washer/dryer area in the left back of the room , but I plan to conceal that soon with curtains ,like this pic:

Photo from Country Living, 2006.

My fabrics , trims, design ideas, magazines, etc. are all concealed in the Pottery Barn baskets and Ikea labeled bins.
I need to work on this built in area….something’s missing still…..perhaps burlap feed sacks or a wallpaper on the walls behind the candlesticks? Modern graphic wallpaper or textured paper?
Here’s the burlap sack idea, created by the very talented Layla, from the Lettered Cottage (another fave designer/blogger!)

Above, is her “before” cabinet…..
And here’s the finished cabinet with the burlap on the wall of the cabinet:

Send me your ideas, I’d so appreciate them!
I know the exposed wires of the Wii system aren’t picture perfect, but kids play in this room! Yes, we do have WHITE on the sectional….but it’s all slipcovered in white denim….keep them covered with another white coverlet or just throw them in the wash every so often!

Have a great weekend,

2 thoughts on “Basket Case!!”

  1. Wow. You are so organized! Your office is fantastic! I love that you put it on your porch. My office used to be our back porch too!
    Thank you for including it in this post.


  2. Hi Jeanette,
    Love your office. Such a fun space to work in. Those black shutters look great and that painting…of course that spoke to me right away. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog recently. I loved hearing from you.

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