Earlier this year we added on to the back of our 1800’s farmhouse. We added a master bathroom which you can see on the right sidebar of the blog (I’ll update those photos soon) & we added a new “barn door” bedroom for Luke, our youngest son.
Recently Abbe over at Studio Ten25 wrote a blog post about barn doors HERE.
Abbe’s article once again reminded me that I need to take some pics of Luke’s room and blog about it. The main focal point of Luke’s room is the barn door:
We love the barn door and it’s truly a conversation piece whenever someone new sees it. We ordered the hardware through Barn Door Hardware and our amazing carpenters created the wood door that hangs from the hardware. Our carpenters also created a single entry door leading from Luke’s study into his bedrooom. The entry door matches the barn door, but hinged on the door frame:
We used a simple “industrial” galvanized handle , on each side, for the door hardware and there’s a galvanized latch on the other side for his privacy lock. (if you click on the photo, you can see the handle closer) Notice the picture above and you’ll see Luke’s study. The study is added on to the back of the old house. You can see the windows that used to be the back of the house too.
In the photo below, you can see how the old windows from the back of the house, are still in the room. In the next month, we will bust through the last window down on the left, by his mirror. Leading through the window is his current bathroom. (used to be the old master bathroom) Right now Luke actually steps into the window to enter into the bathroom, LOL! Hey, redo’s cost $$, so we have to do in stages!
I’ll post pics when that stage happens……

A great DIY detail in the room are the cabinets. I bought the media stand and the trophy glass case from IKEA. Originally all pieces were red or beige. We spray painted them royal blue to all match.

The locker cabinet below came in beige from School Lockers
and we painted it with the royal blue paint also.
From the discounted School Lockers section, you can buy grey or beige lockers alot cheaper. The locker comes with 2 hanging rods and this is where Luke keeps his jerseys. School Lockers will also put your favorite player number on the metal tag at the top of the locker!

The espresso furniture is all from IKEA. The table above his bed is fun because it’s on rollers.

Speaking of “barn”… sure to check out the ” jvw barn market”! Click on the right side bar of this blog for current goods listed.

Have a great weekend!

All the best,

7 thoughts on “BARN DOOR BEDROOM”

  1. Wow your son is the luckiest boy alive! I think his bedroom is bigger than my apartment haha! And he had a separate study AND a bathroom?? *envy*

    The barn door looks fantastic! I never even thought of making it yourself, should be fairly easy?!

    xo Linda

  2. Hi Linda,
    Great to hear from you again!
    Luke lucked out cuz his room is bigger than our master! (just the way the design laid out best w/the redo of the back of the house) Great for when he's got a bunch of friends over…
    The door was EZ for our carpenters, but they're so great at what they do!
    Hope you're doing well and thanks again for stopping in girl!

  3. Hi Jeanette,
    Beautiful room and lovely blogsite! I am considering a barn door for my daughter's room. Can you tell me in your experience if privacy/noise is an issue with the barn door and does your son's door lock or latch?

  4. Hi Gigi!,
    Regarding the large door on rollers:You CAN hear the rolling of the door from the other room (on the other side of the wall) sounds like a bowling ball going down an alley….I would just recommend to soundproof between the walls better, IF possible. It's really not too bad though….we absolutely LOVE the door and are very happy.
    For the small hinged barn door & the privacy issue: the door is very private and it has a locking latch.

    Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend!

  5. Gigi,
    I just realized by looking at my photos again that maybe you (and other readers) may have thought the LARGE wide barn door (one on rollers) is an actual entry door. I should've made that more clear on the post. The large door on rollers is actually a closet door. So, no issues on the privacy there!
    Let me know if I can answer any more questions….
    thx again,

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