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Long time, no see.  We are back in the house after a summer of travels to Florida and our place in Colorado. Nothing exotic but just good ole fashioned USA fun.  
I know you think I’ve been MIA, but I’m truly best at posting on Instagram  weekly(@jvwdesign), so you can always find me there.  However, if you are a few of the sweet people that still enjoy reading blog posts, then I’m happy you’re still here.
Honestly I didn’t realize alot of people even still read my blog until recently I received a few nice emails about my design work & they would mention the blog.  So, thank you to those that take the time to read and are part of my tribe!

Well, remember my last post back in May?  I mentioned we were having a wedding for my daughter at our Texas home in June.

 Well, LONG story short.  My daughter and son-in-law did get married but we’re having the ceremony at a later date and quite possibly even in Colorado , which could be great.
On another positive note, the ceremony was the catalyst to get our house finally fixed up, outside and inside.  Although the last “hotter than hell Texas” month has brutally browned our green grasses.   
The postponed ceremony isn’t in the works yet, but will be happy to share when the time comes for another event. Why did we cancel?  No preggos or anything….just  a personal story  & respecting the privacy of others.  However, it wasn’t the right timing for the ceremony .  We cancelled in May just a few weeks shy of the ceremony.
I must say thank you to my friends and family that were uber sweet when we did have to cancel weeks before the ceremony.  Life could have been alot worse cuz it was just an event right?…. but my daughter and I worked so hard on the event for months!
….and then to cancel, well it was sad for us both.  Everything is relative. I now know to be sensitive to others if they’re going thru something that maybe I think “could be worse”.  Anyone’s sadness in their moment is what it is and always just try to have compassion &  heart when others are pouty , sad and going thru something.   I now know that just a simple ” I understand, and I’m here for you” is all someone needs to hear.  Whether you think it’s trivial or not.
I was in repair , and just needed time &  solace. 

 Not talking or writing about it made it easier to process because I was tired of telling umpteen people why the event had to be postponed.   So, thank you to those that let me go “down under” for awhile.  
I even had to delegate my last design project to another Designer, which is not me!  The project was  a fabulous house and super sweet clients.  I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be creative and continue working during the summer.
After a few weeks passed, our family traveled to Florida and Colorado. 
 Time at the beach 

and then time in the mountains,

 was truly what I needed to clear my head and feed my soul.
I had barely started to decorate the Guest Room at our Texas house before the wedding event, so  the girls could get ready in a “girly” room. I had lost my design spark to finish the room all summer though.  Yesterday we finally got around to hanging more art & finishing the room !   

 It’s my “Audrey Hepburn at Tiffany’s” mix of pink,golds, blacks, whites with touches of vintage and long sweeping white canvas curtains.

Fast forward to September and I’m now ready to rock and roll with our EDesign.  Probably won’t tackle new residential in house design before the holidays just to concentrate on the EDesign projects  for now.
Over the summer we took off the EDesign page while Christin and I both enjoyed the summer.  We’re editing the page and will announce soon when our EDesign services will be back and running on the website.

Thanks for following along with my journey.  Would love to hear from you and will share our EDesign updates soon!
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