Austin thinks PINK!!

Today Austin Cottage & Style is honoring the 25th anniversary of Breast Cancer Awareness month & showcasing “pink” !

MOD GREEN POD, is an Austin based company, started by savvy women. Mod Pod manufactures modern prints & wallpaper. All their fabrics are 100% organic cotton using non-toxic pigments & their wallpapers are made using non-toxic dyes. They have various colorways, but today it’s all about pink :

POTS AND PLANTS is an Austin landmark. Famous for their funky pink flamingos that line their entrance, but also for their beautiful & creative nursery. I’ve been shopping here for years and always get the best service & healthy plants. The owner, Pat Swanson, is the nicest guy and very knowledgeable about plants. The VERY talented Ricindo, is Pat’s biggest asset (from my viewpoint!). Ricindo is the BEST, most creative guy that custom designs AMAZING , beautiful pots filled with the prettiest mixtures of plants & flowers. Take your favorite pot and he’ll custom plant a work of art , then deliver to your house. The baskets he designs are unique and just beautiful…..Austin women (and men!) adore his work, and he gets booked up, so order early!
Stop by or call to order your funky pink flamingo , in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month! Or have sweet Ricindo create a beautiful pot of pink flowering plants!

A new catering company in Austin is receiving accolades. PINK AVOCADO CATERING is the new, happenin’ company to book for your upcoming holiday party. Founded by Chef Brent Schumacher with a talented team of culinary professionals, their food is stellar!! I think their company logo is sweet too!
Check out their YUMMY menu & site. Julia Child would definitely have said “Bon Appetit” on this one!

Need a special gift for a friend this week? Why not give her a candle in honor of this special month?
You can order the candles online from SEDA FRANCE.

If your little princess just has to have pink, pink, pink & ONLY pink….then why not pink curtain rods in her room??

Chip with MADE OF METAL in Austin, can create many different types of rods in varying finishes. Finding pink for that special little girl can be tough. Call Chip and he’ll custom make your pink curtain rods! Check out their site and see their portfolio.

Thinking of pink …’ve GOT to check out the YUMMY & SCRUMPTIOUS cupcakes at HEY CUPCAKE in Austin (well, they do have a cute pink cupcake on top of the Airstream!)…Julia Child would’ve been so proud and I know that Paula Deen & sons have GOT to make a road trip to Austin for these delectable treats!!
………HEY CUPCAKE is sprouting up all over town in vintage cool, refurbished Airstreams with a cute pink cupcake on the top of the trailers. They also have a “brick & mortar” store on Burnet Road in Austin, also with the cute pink cupcake on top of the store….check out their website for all their locations & pics of the cool eateries………I KNOW you will LOVE, LOVE these cakes! Oh, and to sweeten the deal: ask for the “whipper snapper”. The “whipper snapper” is a free bonus to any cupcake… injection of their “oh so good” ,YUMMY fresh whipped cream….OMG that whipped cream is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can also google BREAST CANCER AWARENESS and find numerous sites for great items in pink. One item you can find is a great set of pink & black rain boots:
These boots are a must for the annual ACL FESTIVAL here in Austin. Check out the site if you don’t know about this event….(if you are into music, then you KNOW this festival….it’s our own “Woodstock” and we love it!)….it’s soooo much fun and incredible music on many stages! We just had our 2009 festival and it was a mud fest because Austin had loads of blessed rain. Rain boots and jackets were a sell out item….so, be prepared for it next year and order the rain boots now!!
Oh, and they’re a must for the local Round Top antique week, outside Austin. Check out my other blog, JVW BEACH and you can see the funky leopard rain boots I always take there! Never know when the good ole Texas weather will change, so be prepared!

Have a great day and I’ll feature that story I promised on a Travis Heights cottage next week, or sooner, “pinky” swear!!!!

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