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If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’m still promising you updated photos of the Fish Camp & nursery project for clients. The workroom should be finishing the nursery window treatments, etc. this week. Which means next week will be the install….so , hopefully I’ll have something to share on a post in the next 2 weeks! I know my sweet “mama” client is anxious and we’ll all rest easier when baby’s room is complete.

Fish Camp is evolving in a very cool way and I’ll be excited to show you updates there soon. We have alot going into production & I’m still at the drawing board, literally, and have a few more sketches/ideas to complete for the window treatments, bedding, etc….
I’m excited because I just started another project with another family, helping them in their suburbia remodel. So, all fun stuff, but pics later, when I have something photo worthy! Oh, speaking of “photo worthy”….I have alot of friends always tell me that my house should be in a magazine. So, casually I recently expressed that I would ” love to do this”!… individual called me and said I should submit some photos to some magazines, and how the process works, etc….. However, when someone does express interest, all of a sudden you REALLY look at your house and think ” IS it REALLY photo worthy???!!”…….So, I’m not creating the portfolio just yet (ha! careful what you wish for!! cuz now that I asked for it…. well, let’s just say I have a few of my own few projects to put into production now)…..AND we ARE in the middle of a remodel, so things are stockpiled in some areas of our house, waiting on the finish out of other rooms! Once it becomes more photo worthy, then I’ll post something to share inside. I always love to see other design bloggers homes, so I’ll finally reciprocate! So, I challenge you to look at your own spaces within the lens of your camera. You will then see what it is, that truly needs tweeking! Sometimes we all get lax thinking our rooms are fine and look pretty good. But as Designer’s or people that should be ahead of the fashion, so to speak, that isn’t always the case. For me, it’s either a time or money issue! Either I don’t want to spend the money at the moment OR I just don’t have time to sketch out what in the world I want the workroom to create! I find it terribly challenging to meet the needs of my family, domestic life, blogging, exercising, etc alone!! So, finding time to figure out each personal home project takes structured time!! So, our own personal spaces at home sometimes get put on hold. Clients give you a deadline to meet. Doing our own homes isn’t always a “deadline”, and therefore our own spaces get put on the back burner. For now, it’s fun being “forced” to get our home more photo worthy, cuz I “looked through the lens” literally. Hope to share our photos with yall soon!

Our remodel is coming to the end, yay!! We have everything decided , but we’re in the last phase of choosing bath lighting and window treatments. The process of figuring out what lighting to add to our master bath remodel is challenging . Working in the design field makes choices hard , cuz the major problemo is that we know way too many choices out there. Being a Decorator, my job is to give a client about 3 good choices that I have whittled way down from a list of a million. And ya know , for some reason, it’s easy/fast when I need to make a decision for others. But for myself, hah!! I wish someone would now be my Decorator! Well, I have somewhat narrowed my choices down….and my husband is always a great associate/collaborator to have around! I value his opinion on design choices alot & we have alot of fun with remodeling. Sometimes I can even get carried away with the stylish look of the moment and he brings me back to ground zero, into the classics. However, I feel very challenged because there needs to be a hanging pendant or chandelier hanging in front of a wall of mosaic tiles. I feel like everything I’ve looked at , just looks busy with it….and I don’t want to just put a recessed can above the tub. I prefer something nice, but simple. And I seem to be finding only detailed ones or if they’re plain, then they look too generic somehow. I just keep going back to the fact, that maybe it just needs to be a clear crystal chandelier, OR one that has even a few facets of green or pale turquoise crystals.

So, here’s some background on our house too, to give you the visual of the house style, and then maybe you can help me decide on the right light fixtures for the new master bath addition. The person that helps us decide the winning idea for the light fixtures, will receive this new “KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD t-shirt, your size!
I will decide on the fixtures by Easter Sunday. Cuz IF I don’t find what I need online or in a store, then I’m holding out for the fun Round Top Antique Week in Texas and buying them there! (and the Antique Week is over by Easter) Treasures and especially cool antique lighting are always found at this hot spot! You can read more about it, on my old blog: jvw beach

So, here’s the rules:
1) You have to post a comment on which light fixture you recommend, (for the bathroom space I’ll describe below) , and where it can be bought. Or if you like one of the ones I showcase, then please let me know! By doing this, we’ll “keep it real” and no one can later just say that they told me so in a separate email….this way we’ll have back up on the comments area!!
2) Be a “Follower” of jvw home blog!
Just click on “followers”, if you haven’t done so…..
3) tag/ mention this “giveaway” on your own blog!
3) we’ll put each persons’ names that comment , in a basket…..then on Easter Sunday, I’ll have Luke, my son, draw one name for the winner of the “Keep Austin Weird” t-shirt!

Ok, back to the visual……
We have an older 1800’s main house , cottage style, that has been remodeled alot.
The original owners were Karl Rove and his family. Our house was moved to the Austin hills by the Rove’s, from it’s original homestead in New Braunfels, Texas. The Rove’s lovingly restored it and it was featured in HOME magazine and other publications. The Rove’s decided to sell the house when they moved to Washington. During that time, we had just bought the house next door to this one. We adored the Rove’s house , and so the day it went on the market, my husband saw the sign early in the morning. We knew at the point we couldn’t buy it also, but HAD to share this special place with someone we knew would adore it like us. We immediately called my sister and told her she had to buy it….she loved it at first sight. My sister remodeled her house (with moi as the Decorator) , once she bought it, & made alot of changes. A few years later she got married and moved out of the state…..when we knew she’d sell, we started thinking about buying it and just moving next door! At the time, we lived in a large house (3 ,1/2 stories house) but our older kids had just graduated and we thought we could downsize, since we just had Luke, our youngest, at home. (that was a joke, cuz now we realize we still needed more space and so we’re still adding on….plus I do always want plenty of room for the older ones to come home & visit. plus my huge extended family !) The idea of taking my sister’s “antique” precious house and remodeling it was enticing & exciting. Yes, so we bought it, and as they say, the rest is history. We started making changes and remodeling back in 2007.

Here’s an older photo of the house, from October ’09, of the front….(hence, the front door jack-o-lanterns, complete with our black cat, Betsey to greet you…Trouble , the other cat, is hiding on the left….can you spot him?!)
Here’s the front porch where we love to hang….(this is a current photo, you can see it’s Easter now!)

We also have a separate guesthouse (yellow house in photo above) , with our guestroom upstairs(photo below) , & my design studio downstairs. The “barn garage” is in the background.

And here’s a lil peek at our lil swimming hole…between the 2 houses.
I’ll get back to styling the interiors more, and when I’m ready for my “close up” of the main house, design studio, etc., then I’ll invite you in….but those are later! But for now, I just want you to see our house style and then show you my lighting dilemma. Perhaps by seeing the style of our home, you’ll be able to help me choose the right lighting for the new bath remodel!
We made so many changes and spent so much $$ on the initial remodel , that we had to stop, take a break & wait awhile before tackling the master bathroom addition. This past Fall, we finally started our project. The original master bathroom was tiny…, we’re so excited to finally have a new one on the way.
We basically started with the master bath addition, then it spread to the rest of the back of the house…..making a new bedroom for Luke.

We’ll be busting through the master bedroom walls tomorrow actually! You’re seeing our very personal master bedroom, but only a sneak peek still!…..
The addition is just beyond those walls, and we will make a doorway in between the windows. (the windows are cool old wavy glass, and we’ll keep them as the interior wall)

I love modern , classic design, yet I still love shabby /European. I first decided that I wasn’t going to do anymore crystal chandeliers because I’ve done a few now…, I was thinking more of a modern pendant. I’ve even worked with the sweet Jessica, lighting designer of Sunbelt Lighting (see older post of Fish Camp)…. She’s sent me great ideas but we’ve still been indecisive. I know I’ve driven her crazy. After looking at so many, I was ready to go back to the ole clear crystal chandy. They just are classic and so beautiful. My husband and I even had fun last night bidding at the last minute on a beautiful crystal and aqua chandelier. We were outbid, so it wasn’t meant to be. Plus, I think the crystals maybe were toooo blue and just not the right shade of turquoise that we need.

Here’s the future master bathroom, in it’s “ugly” phase….waiting to be finished.
The challenge lurks above the tub…..which pendant or chandy to hang above the tub?….but let me tell you the finish-out, then maybe you can decide….

Double vanity antique buffet with white vessel sinks will be on the left with a pine wood framed mirror above. Sconces will flank the mirror and the chandy will hang above the tub . A window seat will be on the left of the tub, then potty room & shower on the right. Shower will be all white subway tiles with this pebble flooring below (btw, this stone feels sooo good under your feet….and we love it because it reminds us of river stones in Montana) :
We’ve chosen the mosaic glass tiles below in a range of coastal colors. The tiles will surround the fireplace and be above the tub, in between the two windows:
The rest of the walls in the bathroom are wide plank wood walls, and they will be painted white. We love coastal homes and want our home to feel like we’re always at the coast.
The mosaic tiles above the fireplace are really art in their own way… hanging a chandelier or pendant in the front of the tiles IS the challenge.
Tub surround will be white subway tiles. A “tile rug” will be created by bordering the tub floor with a 4″ border of the glass tiles. The rest of the bathroom will be pine wide plank floors in a light finish.
Ok, so here’s some idea’s for starters:
this silver leaf pendant….

or a simple pendant in a solid color such as white or seafoam green:Modernized version of a chandelier:

Unique resin , pierced holes pendant from Alice Lane Home Collection:
(would be beautiful, on a dimmer …I like this one, but concerned it’s too busy for the mosaic tiles….would it compete?)
These are nice hammered silver pendants from Barbara Cosgrove…
they look better in an actual setting on the Clayton Gray Home website (and the following pendants are all from Clayton Gray Home , as well) :

Morrocan influence from Wunderley……
….light pierces through the holes in each lantern when lit…..
these are too trendy but wanted to share!:

(Elle Magazine)Hollwood glamour crystal pendants:

Venetian influence in silver leaf, from Worlds Away:
and in an actual setting:One of my faves, from Sunbelt Lighting (Jessica sent this to me). I LOVE it, but I’m just concerned it’s too busy a pattern , in front of the mosaic tiles. …. from Savoy House:Just found another one I really like, from Circa Lighting….this one meets the romantic look of a crystal chandy in the bath, but updates it with a modern touch:

Remember , I’m also hunting for sconces to coordinate with whatever style I choose for the chandy. Here’s an interesting mirrored sconce from Aidan Gray Home:
Jessica from Sunbelt Lighting actually sent me other mirrored sconces that are beautiful. I’ll ask her to send them to me in another attachment, cuz I’m unable to download their images , to share with you, from what she sent. (and they’re some of my fave!)

I’ll be adding more photos/ideas as I get them….cuz it’s getting late…(I accidentally hit “post blog” prematurely….so, bear with me as I edit this post manana! And if anything looks strange, needs editing, then it’s bc i clicked too fast, & accidentally hit “post”!) (gotta race to ck out American Idol, so no time to edit)
btw, Tiger (see older post) truly is American Idol material….he could soooo rock that house in the top twelve….seriously!!!!

I look so forward to your comments and input into the lighting dilemma. I’m interested in knowing also, if you too ,share “Decorator Dilemma” with your own personal space, but not clients?
Share your ideas/comments by Easter, maybe win a cool t-shirt & and “be MY decorator”!! (be sure to check back on this post to see new pics of ideas I get from others…I’ll post them in the “p.s.” section below, as I receive them!
All the best,


Ok, here’s the first suggestion , sent from Clayton Gray Home. An iron pendant….LOVE this idea:

2 thoughts on “Austin T-shirt Giveaway!”

  1. Hi Jeanette, What a fun project! We can tell you are having fun with this. Your master bath is going to be spectacular. Regarding your light over the tub, our first thought is something that is open, perhaps with glass. We have our Loft Lanterns that is the look for reference -

    Just something that is open and doesn't hide or block that incredible fireplace. Hope that helps and good luck!

  2. Dear Clayton Gray Home,
    I LOVE your idea!! Know what's funny? My client had just emailed yall, (Rene from Austin)about the SAME light fixture for her entry. lol… We've been looking at several loft style lanterns for her & I directed her to your site. I had briefly thought of the loft lantern for my own home, but at the time, wasn't keen on using iron in there. I'm looking at it now, in a whole different "light" and now love your idea….I agree, that it needs something that doesn't block the tile wall. I adore the drum pendants, but it would have to be open or light in color. Right now, you're my vote! (and your the first comment)…I hope others will comment, it could be fun, fun!
    (yall would have to decide who at CG HOME gets the Austin t-shirt, if you win!)
    Also, do you honor a trade discount?
    thx again for commenting and I'll be in touch….maybe I'll be ordering one for Rene and myself!

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