Asbestos Awareness Week

 Got asbestos in your home?    Well, most people really don’t know because they either don’t know what to look for or haven’t had a proper inspection to find out. 

1. Insulation 6. Range Hoods 11. Furnace Covers
2. Roofing Materials 7. Textured Paints 12. Duct Insulation
3. Window Sealers 8. Fireplace Logs 13. Clothes Dryers
4. Spray-on Ceiling 9. Appliances 14. Vehicle Brake Linings
5. Electrical Equipment 10. Vinyl or Tiles Flooring 15. Exterior Siding

Alot of the homes constructed before the early 70’s still pose a threat of containing asbestos.  So, if you love to remodel those older homes or maybe living in one now, then please take the time to dig more into this post.
  Most people don’t even know the potential deadly dangers of asbestos.  To further  educate yourself  about asbestos , you can read OSHA’S article HERE.
  So, where is asbestos found in the home?
Asbestos has been used in many products found in the home to provide insulation, strength, and fire protection. In 1989, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) announced a phased ban of asbestos products to be completed by 1996. The most common items in the home that may contain asbestos are listed above and also here are a few other points:

  • Duct wrapping on heating and air conditioning systems
  • Insulation on hot water pipes and boilers, especially in homes built from 1920 to 1972
  • Some roofing, shingles, and siding
  • Ceiling and wall insulation in some homes built or remodeled between 1945 and 1978
  • Sheet rock taping compounds and some ceiling materials
  • asbestos sprayed on ceilings often that have a spongy, “cottage cheese” appearance with irregular soft surfaces.

Heather Von St.James , an advocate for asbestos awareness , recently contacted me and asked if I would reach out to my readers and help educate more people to the hidden dangers of asbestos in the home.  

 Heather developed Mesothelioma,  a rare and deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.   Heather is a survivor and now spreading her knowledge and experience about asbestos.
  So, meso the what?    I know…I had never heard about this cancer and other health problems associated with asbestos.
 Quite honestly I felt under educated when I read more about spotting asbestos within residential structures . 
Please take the time to educate yourself as well, and read Heather’s story and her website by clicking HERE.
 Like me, alot of my blog readers have remodeled alot of older homes.  I hope that none of us were ever exposed to any of the dangers of asbestos while in the process of the remodels.  But I hope this article will just make you so much more aware on HOW to do your demolitions on your older homes safely and also how to contact the proper inspector that knows how to spot asbestos and educate you before you begin your remodeling.   
For more education on mesothelioma , you can also read the following two links:

Thank you Heather for reaching out and spreading awareness.  May you continue to be healthy and a shining light of education for many others!

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