Another Austin Home for Sale!

 Another beautiful home in Austin, Texas is for sale in the gorgeous Spanish Oaks neighborhood.  This home captured my attention because of the great interior design.  I have NO idea who the designer was, but kudos to them!  If you know, please leave a comment so the designer  can get the full credit they deserve.
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Every room in this home is decorated beautifully.  I love how they took a Tuscan style home and infused modern into the interior.  SO many Tuscan style homes in Austin have  boring interiors  because they all have the dark reds and golds still on their walls with heavy Tuscan furniture . 

To see more of this gorgeous home for sale and the beautiful amenities of Spanish Oaks, see the listing HERE.  
Remember the last house I posted about for sale?  (my client)….they got a contract in two days….so word to the wise if hunting in Austin.  Good homes sell fast here folks!!

If you follow my blog, you know about our plumbing leaks we had.  We are STILL in construction mode in our home.  Plumbing is ALL brand new and done , yay!  And the house will even be better when finished because of the new choices.  Our insurance company was great on having crews out here back in May to move out all our furniture, demo the floors and cabinets.  But now, it’s been a sit and wait  nightmare while the insurance company and the contractor try to resolve their numbers before the bank will allow our contractor to process the checks and get the interior rcconstructed….., crazy crazy!!
Here’s a pic of how it’s been since May:

Yep, we live around chalky concrete floors and have been since May.  We brought in some garden furniture and a leftover chair for our “make-shift” furniture in the kitchen.  Everything else is packed in Pod Storage units on our driveway.  Oh, I’m not even showing you the rest of the house.  The only rooms that are somewhat sane are the bedrooms .    I think I explained all of this mishap on a previous post, but if you’re new to the blog, then let me recap:
 We started with one leak in our Study.  Fixed it, then a month later we noticed one in our Entry  and Kitchen.
The previous owners did not write on the seller’s discolsure that they  had plumbing problems before.  We found out because our plumber that came out initially said he’d been to our house before to repair some leaks when the other people owned it! Really?  Turns out it was faulty copper piping that eventually would all deteriorate over time.  The pipes they pulled looked like someone had pricked them with ice picks.  So, in May & June we had ALL the plumbing in this house REDONE….we figured when we had to resell  this house, we would want our buyers to know they had the new updated plumbing pipes.  The new modern pipes that were installed are called Pex plumbing pipes.
  If only the previous owners would’ve been honest from day one, we could’ve redone the plumbing last summer when we had the house torn apart for this remodel!!

Anyways, I’ll keep you posted on the updates.   “God willin’ and the creek don’t rise”, we’ll have the checks processed this week  , so that the installers can get out here and get this house back into shape!!

In the midst of this mess, I thought I’d leave you with some beauty in our garden:

  U2’s “Grace Finds Beauty” video seems very appropo for this post.  In all the ugly, you need to find the beauty:

Happy weekend !

8 thoughts on “Another Austin Home for Sale!”

  1. That's so exciting that your client's house sold so fast – it was a stunner! I can't believe all that you're dealing with because of the plumbing. It's horrible how sellers can get away with not disclosing things and there is pretty much no recourse for the new owners. We went through the same thing on a much smaller scale when we bought our Cincinnati house and it was so infuriating. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of everything once you are done!

  2. Plumbing issues can be a nightmare.. been there, I feel your pain! On the other hand I am totally envious that wonderful garden, I want one so badly I just have to keep the Deer Free and Clear of it!

    Thanks for joining my blog!!
    Im following you as well, Karolyn

  3. Thx Karolyn for stopping by…..
    we have deer here too….but we have a really tall fence around the garden. You'd love having one….alot of work, but rewarding work.

    have a great wknd,

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