Agua Azul

Back from the Coast for awhile now…..just sometimes need that inspiration to write. The pics I have to share about Port Aransas aren’t the best quality because they’re taken with my phone.
I shared photos of the house we were renting, in my last post. I couldn’t wait to check in down there, take more photos of the house and share more coastal home design ideas with you. Once I checked into the house though, I realized there wasn’t much more to photograph, other than what you’ve seen on my previous post! Although the beachhouse was VERY nice, it was very basic in decor/design. The kitchen however was well equipped. Although we never did get around to our “low country boil” that I talked about!
The table above would’ve been great for the spread though……Kelley, if you’re still interested in that “low country boil” recipe, then let me know …..will be glad to share!

Our days were spent loading up the golf cart, heading to the beach with the dogs, Dylan and Cooper. Actually this particular house didn’t allow pets, so we kept them in town, at a doggie day care place. The dog spa owners were great about letting us come/go during the day , so that the dogs could go to the beach.
Evenings by the marina for dinner….

We ended up going bay fishing with our fave guide Butch Findley again. Butch just has that knack for finding the fish and we scored again. Caught a bunch of drum fish and they’re so delicious. I use a wonderful recipe from the Barefoot Contessa, and it’s one of my favorite ways to cook them. I’ll be happy to share if you want the recipe, just email me. Here’s Butch with Luke:Billy, my son and his friend Jack actually flew Jack’s plane down to the coast. Jack also plays bass guitar in Billy’s band, Crowded Hill. Here they are leaving the Port Aransas airport, getting the plane ready. Jack is an awesome Pilot and Flight Instructor, so I trusted him to get them home safely! (and “Tiger” was a great “Co-Pilot”!)
Thinking about my Dad on Father’s Day weekend, I realized that some of my best times with him, used to be deep sea fishing trips or being out on the lake. I love being by the boats at the coast or at the lake, because it brings me back to those moments……..A dear friend of Daddy’s is one of the developers of a beautiful new lake subdivision on Lake Travis, in Austin. How appropo , on Father’s Day weekend, that we visited this place he’d love and one that his dear friend is a part of…. and we’re actually considering it for a residence one day………..we’ve watched it grow from the dirt roads to the beautiful hardscapes. : The Reserve at Lake Travis.
The entire subdivision is beautiful, and feels like a luxurious camp. Plus it has so many amenities, such as tennis, first class marina, equestrian center, etc….
There’s a beautiful club called the Cypress Club with an outdoor pavilion that is so casually elegant, along with wonderful dining. Cute playground below also:

Great social area with a pizza oven,bar, fire pit, etc:Along with the pavilion and dining, there’s a beautiful lazy river with fun slide, but I didn’t capture that photo…next time!
A couple of custom homes have been built in The Reserve, along with The Cottages (see below). Again, not a great photo but it’s a sneak peak. I’ll shoot better ones soon. We spent Father’s Day out there and it was very relaxing . The friendly staff at the Cypress Club (lazy river) love to spoil you with the best drinks and food, along with excellent service, swim up bar, etc. You can buy different levels of membership to the Cypress Club if you don’t purchase a homesite or cottage in The Reserve.
Check out more info here.
Also, The Reserve is the next location for the annual Aquapalooza event on July 10!
Brad Paisley will be playing and this is going to be an amazing event. Check out the details here.
I’m hoping I’ll remember to take some photos that day to capture for you…..
until then, hope you’re having a great summer.

All the best,

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