Affordable E-Design!

Are you ready for some great news to kick off your weekend?  Christin and I are excited to announce we are re-launching our E-Design Services, this time with an affordable shopping cart! Yep, that’s right, affordable decorating services delivered straight to your inbox or mailbox!
Why this new launch now?  Christin and I both love working together and creating.  However, she’s in San Antonio, I’m in Austin and we’re both busy with our family lives, and well, summer is starting and we both want to be able to virtually work together when possible, from the convenience of our own home offices and with kids and dogs at our feet!  
 We found that alot of our clients are busy people too and working online allows you to discuss your design needs on YOUR time from the convenience of your computer too.
Please check out our website for further details and let us know if we can help you create a stylish room,  we’ll collaborate virtually anywhere within the USA!
And thank you to the talented Joanna Baker that created our fun illustration!
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