02 17 Bday & 207 Port A !

February 17th, today’s my birthday , woohoo!

  Can you tell I love dogs, and  lilacs?   
It’s a mile stone too….the big 5-5!!  Truly hard for me to believe because I feel so much younger (well ok maybe I feel 40)….but I guess they say the  “new 40” is now the “50’s”?   
My husband and I just returned from our Valentine’s/Bday weekend and stayed at this precious cottage in Port Aransas, Texas.  We had a blast and met up with our two good friends down there.  The weather was back to the infamous Texas warm wonderful weather and it was picturesque.  I’ve been so sick of our cold weather and it was so great to finally warm up and feel great….oh ya NO cedar allergies down there or itchy eyes….felt great!  
The adorable SEA OATS COTTAGE was charming, cozy and just a great romantic getaway.  I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it. We loved not only the cottage, but the locale is our fave because our favorite thing we do in Port Aransas is bicycle everywhere, and the cottage is in the center of everything you need in Port A.  The sweet owner also provides you with a delicious Italian roast coffee and locally made wonderful soaps.

(flowers already in bloom there)

The cottage is also situated just below the beautiful & historical Chapel On the Dunes.
We had this charming view of the chapel just outside our back windows:

Click on the link just above the photo for more beautiful pictures of the interior of this chapel.
And here you can see the chapel just to the left of the cottage:
The cottage only rents to 2 people and you have to be over 25 (not a problemo here:) ).
For families, there’s also a cute place just next door called the Chapel Cottage.

Our hope  is to one day own another cottage down there .  We miss the ease of taking our dogs when we want and going when we want.    We grew up in Texas and so this town is very near and dear to our hearts.  I used to love to go deep sea fishing with my Dad down here and think of him every time I’m there because he loved this town too.  And I had many family vacations there growing up that were just fun with my older brothers and sisters.
We will be down there again soon staying at Cinnamon Shore and can’t wait to share with you another cute rental in that cute hood of Port A!

Gotta go enjoy “my” day and hope you’re having a great Monday.

Do you dream about a coastal cottage in your state?  If so, where’s your fave town on the coast?

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